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Florida, once considered a sunny and welcoming paradise, is now the scene of a frightening descent into ultraconservatism. Governor Ron DeSantis, driven by presidential ambitions, is leading a crusade against LGBTQI+ rights  by enacting draconian laws. This regressive will transformed the organization of the Pride into an act of resistance. In this dark context, where fundamental rights are trampled on, a glimmer of hope emerges: the activism of LGBTQI+ people has never been stronger.

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The veil of intolerance

Ron DeSantis, like a conductor of obscurantism, declares that Florida is "a place where Wokism goes to die". Under his leadership, a law against LGBTQI+ was ratified in mid-May, just before the start of Pride Month and the commemoration of the Pulse tragedy in 2016. This deadly shooting, which caused the loss of 49 innocent lives has forever marked the LGBTQI+ community. Ironically, Governor DeSantis, rather than seeking to heal the wounds of this community, is making the scars worse by enacting discriminatory laws.


The sad observation of discriminatory measures

The consequences of these liberticidal laws are felt at all levels of Florida society. The ban on tackling gender issues in public education up to the final year is a major setback in the fight against discrimination. Additionally, limiting access to therapy for transgender people denies their fundamental right to an authentic identity and adequate medical support. Ron DeSantis even goes so far as to punish those who do not use the toilets corresponding to their biological sex. This senseless desire for control is an affront to individual freedom and gender identity.


The censorship of diversity

By restricting the rights of LGBTQI +, Ron DeSantis also attacks their artistic expression. Its law on "adult shows of a sexual nature" directly targets "drag shows", without however naming them explicitly. The governor invokes the protection of young people while ignoring the needs and rights of consenting adults. These regressive attacks undermine Florida's richness and cultural diversity.


Resistance and Hope

Faced with this wave of discrimination, some Republicans are expressing their disagreement with the governor's measures. This dissidence testifies to the absurdity of the policy pursued by DeSantis. Additionally, LGBTQI+ individuals have chosen to leave the state, but their departure is not silent. Online fundraisers are springing up to support those who cannot afford to move, offering a safety net and solidarity to those seeking refuge elsewhere.

Despite the relentless attacks on LGBTQI+ rights in Florida, unprecedented resistance has arisen. Affected people and their allies have stepped up with unwavering resolve, demonstrating that love and acceptance cannot be stifled by backward laws.

The cancellation of St. Cloud's third Pride due to fear of assault and lack of means to ensure security is a poignant reminder of the need to continue to fight for equality. However, initiatives such as the Lake County Pride, which denounces the "unconstitutional" measures of Ron DeSantis, maintain their festivities by strengthening their security arrangements. These courageous actions testify to the determination of LGBTQI+ communities to remain visible and to claim their fundamental rights.

Finally, despite attempts at censorship and exclusion, Pride Month continues to inspire LGBTQI+ activism. Pride is not just a celebration, but also a reminder of the need to uphold the rights and dignity of all. The strength and resilience of the LGBTQI+ community is expressed through the actions, protests and demands that rise up against oppression.

The fight for equality is far from over in Florida, but these dark times have spawned unprecedented solidarity and determination. LGBTQI+ communities will continue to fight for their rights, building on hope for a more inclusive and equal future.

As Florida struggles with libertarian laws, it is essential to remember that history is littered with victories achieved by movements for justice and equality. It is up to each of us, regardless of our sexual orientation, gender identity or origin, to actively support these struggles and build together a future where all individuals can live freely and authentically.

The message of hope lies in the growing resolve of LGBTQI+ communities to stand up for their rights and promote tolerance and inclusion. Alliances are formed, coalitions are strengthened and voices are heard through peaceful protests and awareness campaigns. LGBTQI+ rights organizations are stepping up their efforts to fight these discriminatory laws and promote equality for all.

History has proven that movements for civil rights and equality have often been most powerful when citizens have stood up against injustice. Florida is no exception. The challenges faced by LGBTQI+ people in this state serve as a catalyst for broader mobilization and awareness of the need to combat all forms of discrimination.

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