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When we speak of the Devil...

Preamble : In fact, to fully understand the title of this piece from Les Caramels Fous, it should be translated literally, that is to say: "When we speak of the wolf"! In French it means exactly the same thing as in English, except that the allusion between the devil and fairy tales doesn't appear obvious, whereas the allusion to the wolf in the French expression is then completely evident.

When we talk about the wolf (the Devil)... I can already see you smiling!

"When we talk about the wolf (the Devil)", at the time we shot these images, it was the very last show of Les Caramels Fous!

Nothing to do with salted butter caramels, nor even with soft caramels, or even with the delicious caramels of Isigny!

Indeed, what you need to know is that Les Caramels Fous cannot be appreciated by taste, since it is a theater group, more precisely a company of actors who has set itself the goal of diverting famous songs, even international hits, to compile them into completely incredible musicals!

So that evening, on the occasion of one of their performances, we therefore went to meet both the troupe of crazy caramels, but also the public who were waiting in front of the performance hall, to ask them to complete, the title of this new musical, and therefore of the following sentence: "When we speak of the wolf"...

So here are the answers we got. The result is very successful !

Just look at this vox pop to see how much the public enjoyed this show and how nice the Caramels are!


You, me, us and the Wolf (the Devil) and the Crazy Caramels

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Les Caramels Fous (Crazy Caramels)!

For all those who don't yet know Les Caramels Fous, it's a troupe of about thirty boys, led by entertainment professionals, which was created just 40 years ago, in 1982, and who adore hijack the lyrics of famous songs, even international hits, to compile them into an equally hilarious musical comedy...

This troupe was created that year, by Jürgen Pletsch (ex Piano Zinc), and Gérard Vappereau (Gay pied), under the name of Choeur Accord.

After the departure of Jürgen Pletsch, the following year, Michel Heim proposed to the new direction of the troupe, to structure the show in a slightly different way, or even in a slightly more thorough way, to get closer to the format of the operetta. or musical comedy.

Thus will be created in 1984, the very first show in this format, and which will be entitled: Pas de Banane pour Lady Jane (No Banana for Lady Jane).

In the process, the choir Choeur Accord will then change its name to become: Les Caramels Fous (Crazy Caramels)!

Michel Heim, who took a big place in the troupe of Caramels from 1987, and this for many years, sums up very well what they are:

"The recipe for Les Caramels Fous shows is simple: a series of diverted "hits" to tell a light story where it is necessarily a question of homosexual love and tolerance"

Today, Michel Heim has given way to the new generation of authors, and in this year 2022, Les Caramels Fous have therefore decided to revisit, in their own way, fairy tales, with this new show: "Quand on talk about the wolf (the Devil)...

The entire HappyGayTV team particularly thanks Frèd'Pierre, for his kindness and availability, and for giving us permission to film freely and to use his photos and videos of the show.

The president of Les Caramels Fous: Laurent Giordanengo.

But we also want to give a tip of the hat to the whole Caramels Fous team, this wonderful troupe, which we would like to thank in particular, including the Caramels Fous who worked behind the scenes to produce this show:

In the dark :

  • Author of the Show and Director: Stéphan Druet
  • Image of the videos of the show: Yohann Sassier, Didier Lepeltier and Frèd'Pierre
  • Costumes and Make up: Denis Evrard assisted by Damien Girard de Battant
  • Choreography: Alma Villalobos assisted by Vincent Baillet
  • Vocal direction: David Jean
  • Lights: Thomas Jacquemard
  • Set design: Alexis Haouadeg
  • General manager: Maury Mills
  • Stage manager: Max Lefebvre - Rose Giraud
  • Sound: Benjamin Primault - Anthony Desvergnes
  • Pursuit - Merchandising Manager: Matthieu Penot
  • Room logistics: Didier Lepeltier
  • Tour logistics: Adrien Gazarian
  • Director of communication, posters, photos and videos and video production: Frèd'Pierre*

On the scene :

  • Sylvain Angonin de Reu: Miss Mim / Tom Thumb *
  • Michaël Baderot: Bluebeard*
  • Vincent Baillet: Sleeping Beauty / The Little Mermaid
  • Jérôme Cuvillez: Maleficent / Carabosse / Prince Cétélaime *
  • François Dussillol-Godar: Rapunzel
  • Denis Evrard: Cinderella / The Snow Queen*
  • Duarte Fernandes: Snow White / Jessica Rabbit*
  • Laurent Giordanengo: Prince Charming / Fairy Godmother
  • Amaury Guiraud: Puss in Boots
  • Jérôme Guerin: Prince Jean Neige / Cheryline*
  • Alexis Haouadeg: Prince Haby*
  • Olivier Segrettin: Hansel/ Belle*
  • Yohann Sassier: Pinocchio - Gretel - The Wolf*
  • Jean-Philippe Vincifore: Little Red Riding Hood*

*: This symbol means that these Caramels appear in the HappyGayTV vox pop: can you recognize them? For some it's quite simple, for others...

Crazy about Caramels

To find out a little more about this joyful company, this very cheerful troupe, go directly to the website lescaramelsfous.com

And if you are already a fan of these charming boys, well know that you can also become crazy about Caramels, by financially supporting this company, which does not receive any subsidies.

So for only €50.00, you can benefit from many advantages, and even actively participate in the creation of their next show!

Everything is explained here, on the Caramels Fous website

Thanks to you !


Photo credit: Frèd'Pierre

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