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Thierry de Pina Reveals His Background and Role of Marie-Pierre in “Le Mardi à Monoprix”

Discover the Inspiring Interview with Thierry de Pina on HappyGayTV!

Are you ready for a life-changing encounter? Don't miss the exclusive interview with Thierry de Pina, an extraordinary actor who reveals his captivating journey through his role in "Le Mardi à Monoprix". This essential video explores deep themes such as coming out for trans people, the way others see them, and the courage needed to embrace oneself as a trans identity person.


Can Only Transgender People Play Trans Roles?

An important debate within the LGBTQIA+ community is addressed in this interview: should only trans people play trans roles? Thierry de Pina, although he is not trans himself, brilliantly embodies the character of Marie-Pierre in this poignant single scene. Through his personal journey as a gay man, he shows us why he feels justified in interpreting Marie-Pierre and how this play deeply inspired him. Thierry addresses crucial questions about representation and authenticity in the world of theater and beyond, offering very personal and moving confidences.

A Piece Signed Emmanuel Darley

The author of the play, Emmanuel Darley is a French writer and playwright. He is the grandson of the painter Nelly Marez-Darley. "Le Mardi à Monoprix" is one of his most acclaimed creations, having earned Darley a nomination for the Molière of living French-speaking author two years in a row, in 2010 and 2011. In 2003 for his novel "Un des misfortunes " (Verdier editions), he will receive the Charles-Brisset literary prize.

A universal theme, that of difference and acceptance

“Le Mardi à Monoprix” deals with the universal theme of difference and the quest for acceptance. Whether you are gay, trans, or bi, this play speaks to all those who have had to face the judgment of others. It also addresses coming out among LGBT people, illustrating the courage of Jean-Pierre who reveals his transidentity to his parents to appear as he is deep down: a woman in the guise of Marie-Pierre. This touching and universal story resonates with anyone who has struggled to be accepted.

Don't miss Thierry's Revelations and Marie-Pierre's Secrets!

Want to know more ? Watch the video to discover the hidden secrets of Marie-Pierre and the exclusive confidences of Thierry de Pina. This interview promises you moments of reflection and emotion. Thierry de Pina appears to be a very authentic person, and his touching testimony will captivate you.


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