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"If a man sleeps with a man as one sleeps with a woman, they have both done an abominable thing; they will be punished with death: their blood will be on them."

(Leviticus, chapter 20, verse 13)

It is most certainly this commandment printed in full in the Bible, that two men from Vollograd in the south of Russia, without knowing it, saw fit to apply on May 9, 2013, on a 23-year-old young man who hit, sodomized with a bottle, then murdered, after the latter revealed his homosexuality to them!

It is perhaps also this verse that motivated the attackers of Wilfried, a Dutchman who had been living in France for a few years. He was beaten up in April 2013 in the heart of Paris while he was walking arm in arm with his companion. Result: one tooth less and 10 days of total incapacity for work, 8 days for his companion.

Some of these events took place in France in 2013, the year when debates raged over the passage of the law on marriage for all, a law allowing people of the same sex to be able to marry. One would think that since then, things would have settled down and yet it is not so! And we know very well, at that time that the supporters of the "Manif pour tous", (the demonstration for all), understand well, those who opposed this law, came for the most part from Catholic circles and in particular from traditionalist circles.

State of homophobia in 2022

As the NGO ILGA-Europe explains in its annual report, a trend confirmed by the latest report from the "SOS Homophobia" association in France: "2022 has been the most violent year for LGBTQ+ people in the whole of region in more than a decade […], following increasingly widespread hate speech”.

This report also notes an increase in suicides among LGBTQ+ people citing: "that of a young couple in Armenia who suffered harassment" as well as those of "three trans women in Italy and one in Moldova".
France is not spared either with the suicide of young Lucas in January 2023, to whom we pay tribute in this video and who ended his days in the Vosges, after a heavy homophobic school bullying.

Added to this, homophobic attacks in 2022, which have only increased, not only in France, but also in Germany, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Montenegro, the Netherlands, Portugal , Romania, Russia, Serbia, Spain, Switzerland, Turkey, Ukraine and the United Kingdom.

Why then so much hatred and especially in such an uninhibited way? One of the explanations, it is certainly not the only one but undeniably one of the main origins of this phenomenon, lies in this verse, which still appears today in the Bible, in the Old Testament, in the book of Leviticus and which strongly condemns homosexuality, since it punishes it with death! Note also that this same book is also the third of the five books of the Torah (Pentateuch). Which also explains why the suffering of LGBT in the Jewish community is so acute.

When we currently see the rise of religious fanaticism: evangelical Protestants and other Pentecostals, who believe that all the books of the Bible are "The Word of God" and that this word must be followed to the letter, we can only worry about the future of gay and transgender people around the world. A heightened fear when we know that these same "evangelicals" support without hiding it in the United States of America, politicians such as Donald Trump or Ron DeSantis, the current governor of Florida. As proof, the latter is currently leading a fierce and merciless fight against LGBTQI+ in this state.

Let us understand then that the situation is very serious, because nothing can stop them. These people are persuaded to apply the word of God! It is out of the question for them to question themselves, to feel ashamed, even guilty of having committed or pronounced homophobic acts or remarks, since these people are convinced that they have the Lord's blessing to do so! Knowing that God is on their side, they will not hesitate to do everything possible to fight LGBTQI +, even going so far as to perform certain rituals, such as exorcisms, to free gays from the "evil"!

Text explanation of the verse from Leviticus:

If you read this text carefully, you will quickly understand that, "according to the word of God" the murderers of Vollograd should not be worried for their homophobic act, since the blood thus shed will not fall on their head, but on that of the homosexual they have just killed!

Understand then, always according to this text, that these criminals should not normally be condemned for their crime, because they only applied the justice of God! It is indeed the homosexual who is condemned! Their murderers are cleared, acquitted by the justice of God!

And it is this impunity that this verse promotes, which gives wings, and above all a good conscience to all the faithful!

The Bible therefore places homosexuality as an abominable crime, to be washed away by the death penalty, by the bloodshed!

Therefore, according to the Bible, so much worse than killing your neighbor is that a man lies with another man!

The origin of evil, the foundations of homophobia, are therefore inscribed in this book which has existed for a few millennia before Jesus Christ and which has permeated for many generations our Judeo-Christian civilization and our collective unconscious.

This probably explains the unconscious aversion of many homophobes and other harassers, for the LGBTQ + who cross their path, and what would "motivate" the violence of their actions or their words.

We will then better understand why, some homosexuals are still very uncomfortable with their sexuality today why so many crimes are still being committed today and have been for millennia, at against LGBT people and why some states still sentence homosexuals to the death penalty!

The demonstration is made that this text, inviting to shed blood, is a real incitement to crime, and whose publication should however be prohibited and punished, at least in France, under the law of July 29, 1881, but also in many other countries!

And above all let's never forget that there will always be around us, good believers ready to remind us that God condemns homosexuality, but do they really know on which sentence their beautiful theory is based and what it under -hears ?


Conclusion :

It is perhaps once again the fight of David against Goliath that will be played out. But let things be clear between us, HappyGayTV was created to denounce this type of ideology and all the actions committed in this respect against LGBTQI +. But also to protect and support each other.

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