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In the United States, Ron DeSantis, the Republican Governor, signed on Monday, April 4, 2022, a law deemed homophobic by his opponents, and nicknamed "Don't say Gay".

House Bill 1557 is the law that prohibits teachers in Florida from discussing sexual orientation or gender identity in front of their students.

According to Florida Governor DeSantis: "[It is for] may not encourage discussion of sexual orientation or gender identity or in a manner that is not appropriate for the age or development of students. ."

But Disney, Florida's largest employer, strongly disagrees with the law and has therefore decided to publicly oppose it and take immediate action.

In France too, this law is emulated, especially on the far right, with the support of American rappers, like that of Booba!

But then why do certain political parties, in France and in the United States, revel in this "Don't say Gay" law?

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"Don't say Gay" in schools in Florida

It is therefore the first to have done so. The Governor of Florida Ron DESantis, a Republican, close to Trump, therefore signed this law: "Don't say Gay"! According to Ron DeSantis, this law claims to solve a problem that does not exist. That is to say the plot of teachers who want to teach children to become gay!

“In Florida, we want to make sure that children go to school to be educated, not to be indoctrinated,” says DeSantis

"House Bill 1557", therefore prohibits teachers from talking about sexual orientation or gender identity until CE2. It prohibits teachers from discussing issues concerning sexual orientation or gender identity at school, under penalty of legal action.

For its opponents, it is a transphobic and homophobic law supported by Republicans. Joe Biden, the President of the United States, reacted to this vote, saying that this law was unfair to gays and trans people.

As a reminder, Ron DeSantis supported Trump in 2016 for his election campaign. Since then, they have been angry because DeSantis has overshadowed Trump, with such legislative proposals, which American Republicans revel in!


Disney does not agree with this law at all

At the same time, Florida's largest employer, Disney, publicly opposed the "Don't Say Gay" law and decided to allocate its donations to LGBT organizations from now on rather than to politicians, as it did before. Disney, which had previously supported DeSantis with big checks for his campaign, has now decided to allocate its donations, no longer to politicians, but in favor of greater LGBTQI + visibility. This decision will even have an immediate impact, especially in his next films! Disney has decided that from now on, there will be a 50% quota of LGBT and racial minority characters in its future productions.

For Fox News, Disney has become the capital of the "Wokistant", since a scene of a gay kiss cut during the editing, will, following this affair, reappear in one of the Disney productions! Others even claim that Disney Park in Florida has become "Satan's Park"!

For its part, Disney wants to do everything to repeal the law, by financing legal actions and lobbying so that DeSantis is not reelected!


Backlash for Disney

Since then, Florida's Republican Governor Ron DeSantis has spoken with obvious glee as he signed the law ending Disney privileges. He said, "There's a sheriff in town again." Since 1967, the group enjoyed a special status that allowed it to govern alone the huge Disneyworld estate, near Orlando. "Today the corporate reign is finally coming to an end," said Ron DeSantis, who is likely to run in the Republican primaries for the 2024 presidential election.

For several months, Mr. DeSantis has been waging a culture war against the company, accusing it of “woke” and progressive drift. Through numerous tweets, the governor is happy to compel the company to follow Florida state building and safety regulations, pay its taxes, and end its liens. In particular, he put an end to the quasi-extraterritoriality that the park had enjoyed since it opened to the public in 1971.


And what about France?

In France Eric Zemmour, far-right candidate in the last presidential elections of 2022, also wants to stop "ideological propaganda" in schools and wants to stop the indoctrination of children!

During an interview on a French television channel, this candidate received live support from the American rapper living in Florida: Booba

As Pablo Mira humorous columnist at Barthes (TMC / Daily) said so well: It's true at school, you have to avoid hearing words like "gay", "lesbian" or even "trans"! It is preferable that the children hear texts of a poetry, one cannot more refined, that of the songs of Booba like for example:

- "Vroom Vroom, I'm backtracking in your madre's ass" (Generation assassin)

- If you see me fucking your turkey, don't think I'm celebrating Christmas (Payday / Jour de paye)

This is the France of lights (very low consumption) according to Pablo Mira!


How "Don't Say Gay" is a homophobic law and an attack on freedom of expression

This law could not be more homophobic, because it does not claim to "protect" very young children from subjects that could perhaps destabilize them, because of their very young age. But frankly from you to me, which child really cares about sexuality from kindergarten to third grade? For my part, I do not remember. I remember having discovered my sexual orientation, at the very beginning of my puberty, around 11-12 years old. But it is true that nowadays, children are more and more precocious! As the Republicans in the United States claim, are these themes really a danger for our tiny little darlings? In fact, I don't think so, because speech liberates. Everything that can be explained simply to children and adults, formulated in reassuring words and with respect for others, about the world around us, constitutes in fact a real openness to the world, but also and above all, a beautiful open-mindedness that will allow the youngest growing up to understand that the world is not the one they imagine from their child's or teenager's bedroom!

In reality, this law is much more pernicious than that. "Dont' say Gay" does not want to protect children against comments that could shock them, but to prevent them from being "indoctrinated"! As if one became gay by simple "indoctrination"! I wonder, even today, how I could have become homosexual myself in the face of the permanent "indoctrination" in this hetero-normative world, in which I grew up. Indoctrination that I have undergone all my life and still today, and which is present, still today, in most books, films, series, advertisements, political speeches, debates, meetings of families, religions and even comedians who, a few years ago, openly made fun of gays! How, then, was I able to "convert to homosexuality" in such an unfavorable context and constant "heterosexual indoctrination"!

This simple little demonstration is enough for those of us, who still doubt it, to understand that American Republicans have understood nothing of the reasons why some feel straight and others feel gay! It has nothing to do with any kind of propaganda, or even a weird disease that would spread, we don't really know how! My sexual orientation was only guided by the fact that I was irrepretably attracted to humans of the same sex as mine, and nothing else!

On the other hand, this law is a serious precedent, because it stigmatizes the LGBTQI ++ community again and again, and worse, it would suffice to modify it so that the ban is extended beyond the CE2 and would then reinforce misinformation on these themes among teenagers prey to questions about their sexuality or their gender identity, which would then be likely to reinforce ignorance and consequently homophobia and transphobia, even among those who are nevertheless gay themselves!

Let's not forget another very important aspect, especially in the country of Uncle Sam, which is that this law also infringes freedom of expression, that of teachers, who can therefore no longer express themselves freely, under penalty of legal proceedings, even if a student, however young, would bring up the subject. Freedom of expression, which, unless I am mistaken, is beautiful and well enshrined in the US constitution! Freedom of expression which is the bedrock of our democracies and this for each of us, whether straight or gay! Disney on this subject, is not wrong to want to put money on the table to derail this law, which in my opinion, is contrary to the second amendment of the United States Constitution, and which ultimately is detestable for everyone's freedom of expression, including ultimately that of the Republicans themselves!


Why are Republicans reveling in this "Don't Say Gay" law.

Let's not lose sight of the fact that most Trump voters and therefore DeSantis supporters belong to the sect of Evangelical Christians and/or Baptists (not to mention some Catholics and other Protestants), who can in no way admit God's word was wrong about the LGBT community! Because, if that were the case, it would no longer be the word of God!

A little reminder to clarify things: it is written in the Bible in the book of Leviticus that: "

Therefore, for their religion not to be wrong about it, their only resource is to condemn, to demonize ("Satan's Park") by pointing out evil, where it is not, lest to realize, ultimately, that if the Bible was wrong about homos and trans people, this could completely call into question their beliefs!

Having had a father, who was himself an evangelical Protestant, I very quickly understood that the gay question, but also that of the place of women in society, was indeed the Achilles heel of this religion and monotheistic religions as a whole. This is why they fight relentlessly, LGBT causes and women's rights!

Let's not be fooled and beware of their so-called well-meaning, because it is for all these reasons that the fight is far from over and that nothing will ever be definitively acquired. NEVER rest on our laurels, everything could change so quickly tomorrow against us, if we are not careful!

And that's one of the reasons why I created HappyGayTV!

So let's wake up!

Marco Drion.


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