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Nicolas Fraisse: A Gay Superhero Who Explores the Mysteries of Out-of-Body Experiences

Nicolas Fraisse is a singular man, whose life has been marked by two types of coming-out. The first, difficult and painful, was when he revealed his homosexuality. The second, equally remarkable coming out was about his extraordinary out-of-body experiences. Since his earliest childhood, Nicolas has had the ability to detach himself from his terrestrial envelope and to travel in space. This unique phenomenon opened the doors to a mysterious reality and allowed him to push the limits of scientific exploration. In his video entitled "Gay Super Heroes", Nicolas shares his story and his experience, bringing an innovative and unprecedented perspective.
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The First Coming-Out: A Difficult Test

Nicolas Fraisse had a difficult time when he decided to come out as gay for the first time. Unfortunately, his father cut him off, causing Nicolas to feel a deep sense of rejection and despair. This ordeal even led him to consider ending his life. However, an unexpected event changed the course of his life. A mysterious woman saved his life, but he was never able to find her to thank her. This rescue strengthened Nicolas' resolve to accept himself as he was, no matter what obstacles he faced.




Out of Body Outings:

An Extraordinary Experience: Since his youth, Nicolas Fraisse has had the ability to dissociate himself from his physical body and travel through space. When he was bored at school, he could slip away and watch his grandmother at the nursing home or his father working in the garden. These fascinating experiences led him to fear for his sanity and drove him to search for answers. Most people he told about it refuted his stories, thinking he was telling stories. But his fear of going mad prompted him to seek a scientific explanation.


The Decisive Encounter

Collaboration with Swiss Researchers: Fortunately, Nicolas Fraisse finally met a team of Swiss researchers from the ISSNOE Center in Geneva. Among them, Sylvie Dethiolaz, researcher with a doctorate, and Claude Charles Fourrier. This encounter would change his life. Researchers took Nicolas seriously, listened to him, and helped him understand and analyze his out-of-body experiences. Their collaboration proved fruitful, and Nicolas was finally able to give a name and a meaning to his unique experiences.


Scientific and Literary Advances

Thanks to his partnership with Swiss researchers, Nicolas Fraisse was able not only to scientifically validate his experiments, but also to understand them in greater depth. Research conducted jointly with the ISSNOE Center team has shed new light on the phenomenon of out-of-body experiences. Nicolas recorded these discoveries in a book entitled "Journey to the conflict of consciousness: Ten years of scientific exploration of out-of-body exits, the Nicolas Fraisse case", published by Guy Trédaniel. This book offers a unique perspective on Nicolas' extraordinary experiences, while providing a solid scientific foundation for future studies in this fascinating field.


Our "Gay Superheroes" Video

A Historic First: The "Gay Super Heroes" video represents a major turning point in the representation of LGBTQ+ people in the context of OBEs. It offers a powerful and inspiring testimony of Nicolas Fraisse, simultaneously addressing his gay identity and his extraordinary experience. This combination, never explored before, raises public awareness of the diversity of human experiences and the capacity for self-acceptance in the face of the extraordinary.

Nicolas Fraisse's interview being so rich and so fascinating that it seemed obvious to us to create a second program, where he will return more specifically to spirituality, but also to an experience as strange as it is surprising, in particular in its results, and where Nicolas must have discovered what was hidden in a hundred envelopes. This video is titled:


Interview with the Researchers

Indispensable Support: The interview with the researchers, Sylvie Dethiolaz and Claude Charles Fourrier, highlights the importance of their support in Nicolas' career. The researchers explain how difficult it was for Nicolas to confess his homosexuality to them, but also how this self-acceptance was a catalyst for his extraordinary experiences and the progress of scientific research in this field. Their expertise has helped Nicolas better understand and give a scientific dimension to his out-of-body experiences, thus paving the way for new advances in this little-explored field.


Conclusion :

Nicolas Fraisse embodies the duality of a singular superhero, both gay and endowed with an extraordinary faculty for out-of-body exits. His journey, marked by personal trials, found meaning in the collaboration with renowned researchers. Thanks to them, Nicolas was able to give a scientific dimension to his unique experiences and contribute to the advancement of research in the field of OBEs.

The "Gay Super Heroes" video represents a historic step forward by offering a powerful and inspiring testimony from Nicolas Fraisse, which simultaneously addresses his gay identity and his extraordinary experiences. This innovative approach raises awareness of the diversity of human experiences and the importance of self-acceptance in the face of the unexplored.

Nicolas continues his work with the ISSNOE Center team in Geneva, continuing his research and sharing his knowledge with the world. His book, "Journey to the Conflict of Consciousness", constitutes an important milestone in the understanding of out-of-body experiences and opens up new perspectives for researchers and the curious who wish to explore this fascinating field.

In short, Nicolas Fraisse is an outstanding example of courage and open-mindedness. By fully accepting his unique identity and experiences, he found the strength to embrace his uniqueness and share his story with the world. Nicolas Fraisse embodies resilience and determination, and his journey inspires both the LGBTQ+ community and researchers to push the boundaries of knowledge and explore the mysteries of the human mind.

Today, Nicolas continues to work closely with researchers and experts, while pursuing his own personal journey. Her story offers unique insight into the untapped potential of the human mind and opens the way to new insights and discoveries. His out-of-body experiences, combined with his outspoken homosexuality, make him an inspiring spokesperson for diversity and acceptance.

The "Gay Superheroes" video and the "Journey to the Conflict of Consciousness" book represent significant milestones in the recognition and understanding of out-of-body experiences and self-acceptance. Through these contributions, Nicolas Fraisse establishes a link between the scientific world and human reality, offering a unique and illuminating perspective on extraordinary experiences.

Nicolas Fraisse, the gay out-of-body superhero, reminds us that diversity and uniqueness are strengths to be celebrated and explored. Her unique journey, marked by her two coming-outs, is a source of inspiration for all those who seek to understand themselves and embrace their true identity. Whether in the pages of his book or in the images of his video, Nicolas Fraisse invites us to question the boundaries of our own consciousness and to embrace the extraordinary aspects of our being.

In short, Nicolas Fraisse is a courageous and visionary pioneer, whose journey transcends the barriers of identity and science. His story is a reminder that each of us has the potential to become a hero in our own way, fully embracing who we are and exploring the mysteries of our existence.


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