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Gay Secret: The inspiring journey of Patrick and Freddy before their marriage

Watch the video above and discover the love story of this extraordinary gay couple, made up of Patrick & Freddy, a couple who almost never existed, and you will know why in love, you sometimes have to persevere!

The confidences of Patrick and Freddy, a couple of homosexual men, touched many hearts as they shared their story before their marriage. This poignant video, titled "Gay secrets", reveals the challenges they faced in fully coming to terms with their gay identities. Despite their age differences and the criticism they faced, Patrick and Freddy chose to wed soon after France's gay marriage law was passed in November 2013. In this article, we'll explore their complex journey. , their chance encounters on a dating site, and scholars' thoughts on relationships with a big age difference.
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The journey of Patrick and Freddy

Patrick, being 24 years older than Freddy, lived through a time when homosexuality was still taboo. In the 1960s and 1970s, he believed he had to conform to societal norms and marry a woman, despite experiencing homosexuality in his youth. As he tells in the video, he believed then that "homosexuality did not exist". However, times have changed, and Patrick has finally found the courage to come to terms with his true identity.

Freddy, on the other hand, hasn't found the confidence to fully accept himself as gay. Although he joked about it with his classmates in college, he had some apprehension about his own homosexuality. He ended his romantic relationships as soon as they started to get serious, unable to face this reality. However, fate played an unexpected role in his encounter with Patrick and allowed him to come to terms with himself completely.




An unexpected meeting on a dating site

Fate brought Patrick and Freddy together unexpectedly on a dating site. Although their first meeting was slightly disappointing for Freddy, Patrick encouraged the young man not to make hasty decisions. They continued to chat and share moments together, which eventually led to Freddy falling in love with Patrick. Their story is a testament to the power of listening, patience and open-mindedness in building a strong relationship.


The challenges of relationships with a big age difference

The relationship between Patrick and Freddy has drawn criticism, mainly due to the significant age difference between them, as has the election of Emmanuel Macron as French President, whose wife Brigitte also has a large age difference. age with him. In an instructive discussion with André Helman, psychotherapist, the program underlines the absurd character of these criticisms. Comparing intergenerational relationships to parent-child relationships is unfounded, and the biases associated with these relationships are unfair and stigmatizing.



In summary, the "Gay Confidences" video and accompanying article illustrate Patrick and Freddy's complex and inspiring journey before their marriage. Their story sheds light on the challenges same-sex couples can face as they seek to fully accept each other. Additionally, the article highlights the importance of challenging biases and unfair criticism related to relationships with a large age difference. Finally, the celebration of 10 years of gay marriage represents a moment of pride and recognition for progress towards equal rights for all. So I now invite you to click on this second video to attend one of the very first gay weddings in France and discover the poignant testimonies of the guests and also the moving speech of the Mayor of town where Freddy and Patrick got married.

But by the way, are Patrick and Freddy still together today? Many gay couples have divorced since the adoption of the law on marriage for all in May 2013. And it is true that their large age difference may, despite everything, have worked against them over time. ? Or is their love still as fervent as on the first day? Find now what Patrick and Freddy have become 10 years later, by subscribing to the HappyGayTV Club: it's free and it's here.


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