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Gay & Spirituality? : Discover the strange journey of Nicolas Fraisse!

Nicolas Fraisse, the out-of-body gay superhero, returns with a captivating second video that explores the theme of spirituality. After sharing his extraordinary experiences, Nicolas takes us this time into an even deeper dimension, where he explores the mysteries of the universe and beyond. In this video, he reveals how his spirituality developed and helps him make sense of his out-of-body experiences. He also takes us to meet the team of researchers in Geneva, who accompany him in his quest for scientific understanding.

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The Spiritual Quest of Nicolas Fraisse

Nicolas Fraisse, in addition to being a gay superhero, is a spiritual explorer. Every night, before falling asleep, he escapes into space and the cosmos, discovering marvels such as planets, constellations and galaxies. For him, this dimension is unique, because he cannot physically verify the reality of what he is experiencing. Despite this, he considers that everyone, regardless of their sexual orientation, has the right to develop their own spirituality, even when certain religions condemn LGBTQ+ people. For Nicolas, true spirituality consists in fully living the present moment and putting your whole soul into every action, even the simplest ones, such as injecting medicine into a patient, because he is also a nurse.


The Perspective of the Beyond

According to Nicolas, our passage on earth is only a stage in our evolution. He is convinced that life does not end after death. As a nurse, he even had astonishing experiences, such as telepathic communication with a brain-dead man, who warned him of the imminent arrival of his wife and daughter whom he had to protect during the announcement. of his death. These experiences reinforced his belief that life continues beyond physical death.


Collaboration with the Research Team in Geneva

The video then takes us to Geneva, where Nicolas works closely with a team of scientists. Among them, we find Sylvie Dethiolaz, researcher with a doctorate, and Claude Charles Fourrier, psychotherapist. They tell us about an extraordinary experience in which Nicolas had to discover the content of hundreds of photos hidden in envelopes. The results of this test are absolutely fascinating. Scientists explain how voices, and even music, guided Nicolas to reveal the nature of the hidden images. However, the way the information was revealed to him sparked deep fears in him. Nicolas hesitated to continue the experiment, but thanks to the reassuring support of the team of researchers, he decided to persevere and see it through to completion.

The details and results of this experiment are thoroughly explained in the book entitled "Journey to the edge of consciousness: Ten years of scientific exploration of out-of-body exits, the Nicolas Fraisse case", published by Guy Trédaniel. This book constitutes a true source of inspiration for those who seek to understand the spiritual dimensions of reality.

For Nicolas Fraisse, all the experiences he lives reinforce his conviction that life does not end with physical death, even for LGBTQ+ people. He believes in a bright future for all, where everyone can evolve into a state of being filled with hope and light.


Our video: Gay & Spirituality?

This second video by Nicolas Fraisse completes the previous one, highlighting an even deeper facet of his unique career. Her courageous testimony opens up new perspectives and questions our understanding of spirituality and the afterlife. Nicolas Fraisse's previous video is titled: Nicolas Fraisse: A Gay Superhero Who Explores the Mysteries of Out-of-Body Experiences

By exploring the invisible dimensions of reality, Nicolas Fraisse invites us to rethink our beliefs and embrace a broader vision of existence. Her determination to reconcile her sexual orientation and her spiritual quest is a powerful example of resilience and self-acceptance.

Whether you're fascinated by out-of-body experiences, intrigued by the mysteries of the afterlife, or simply seeking spiritual reflection, Nicolas Fraisse's video offers a unique and inspiring perspective. She reminds us of the importance of staying open-minded and continuing to explore the frontiers of human knowledge.


In conclusion

Nicolas Fraisse continues to push the limits of what we believe is possible and to encourage us to consider existence from new perspectives. His journey as a gay superhero and spiritual seeker is an inspiration to anyone who aspires to fully live their truth and explore the mysteries that surround us.

Whether you are drawn to out-of-body exits, fascinated by spirituality or simply curious to discover new perspectives, Nicolas Fraisse is a valuable guide in this exploration. Thanks to his testimony and his collaboration with the team of researchers in Geneva, he contributes to broadening our understanding of reality and to pushing back the limits of human exploration.

Stay tuned for the next videos and publications of Nicolas Fraisse, because his extraordinary journey has only just begun. Her courage, determination and open-mindedness invite us all to embrace our own uniqueness and explore the mysteries that surround us.

Nicolas Fraisse, the gay OBE superhero, reminds us that the adventure of discovering ourselves and the world around us is endless and filled with extraordinary possibilities.

⚠️ Warning! Both "materialism" and "non-materialism" are two theories which have never been proven to date. Consequently, HappyGayTV neither accredits nor discredits the comments made by the team of scientists who are supporting Nicolas. Everyone is therefore right to interpret these experiences as they see fit!

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