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Nicolas Noguier and Le Refuge: Why did the association almost never exist?

Nicolas Noguier is known as the founder of the French association "Le Refuge", which since 2003 has offered refuge to young LGBT victims of homophobia in their families. However, few people know of the obstacles and personal trials he had to overcome before creating this magnificent initiative. This article will tell the poignant story of Nicolas Noguier, from his youth to the creation of the Refuge, focusing on an unexpected event that nearly destroyed this life-saving enterprise.
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A solitary youth in Saint-Thibéry

Nicolas Noguier is from Saint-Thibéry, a small village located in the Hérault. From an early age, he felt an attraction for boys, but he did not assume himself because of the fear of not being accepted in his environment. In this conservative village, he thought he was the only one to feel this attraction for people of the same sex as him. The lack of examples and models isolated him, making him feel alone in the world.




Discovery in Montpellier

It was only by pursuing his higher education in Montpellier that Nicolas Noguier realized that he was not the only one to feel this attraction. He discovered a group of young men and women who shared the same sexual orientation. This realization freed him from some of his burden, allowing him to fully live his student life and feel more comfortable with his own identity.


The crush and the break

During this period, Nicolas had a love affair with another boy. However, he quickly realized that this relationship was not based on true love. Preferring to be honest with himself and with his partner, Nicolas decided to end this relationship. Unfortunately, this breakup provoked an unforeseen and dangerous reaction from her former boyfriend.


The threat and the outing

With a desire for revenge, Nicolas' former boyfriend used his mailbox password to send an email to all of Nicolas' contacts, including his family, announcing his homosexuality. Nicolas, who was at a friend's house when it was sent, witnessed the arrival of the live email. This brutal revelation totally shocked him, plunging him into panic. He went home knowing that sooner or later his parents and family would be informed.


The desperate gesture

Faced with the prospect of being forcibly exposed, Nicolas Noguier made a tragic decision. He wrote an explanatory letter to his parents, revealing to them his homosexuality and the reasons which led him to keep this secret. However, overwhelmed by anguish and distress, Nicolas attempted to end his life by taking medication. By a happy coincidence, his mother found her son in time and immediately called for help. The firefighters intervened quickly and were able to save Nicolas' life. If this tragic event had happened otherwise, the Refuge, an organization that would help many young LGBT people in distress, might never have seen the light of day.


The outing and its devastating consequences

Outing, the practice of publicly disclosing someone's sexual orientation without their consent, is hurtful and destructive. In the case of Nicolas Noguier, the outing carried out by his former boyfriend had devastating consequences. This not only endangered Nicolas' life, but also exposed the often difficult reality faced by many young LGBT people.


The difficulties of young LGBT people and the risk of suicide

André Helman, who will speak in this interview, underlines a troubling reality: young LGBT people face a higher risk of attempted suicide than the general population. This sad reality is often fueled by the homophobia present in our societies, which amplifies the feelings of shame and isolation felt by these young people. It is essential to understand that suicide attempts are not necessarily the result of an underlying depression, but rather of a moment of unbearable anguish where these young people think that ending their lives is the only way to make silence their pain.


Analysis of the attitude of Nicolas' boyfriend

André Helman will also delve into the factors that caused Nicolas' boyfriend to act in such a destructive way. It is important to emphasize that each individual is responsible for their own choices and actions. The motivations behind this act should in no way justify the harm inflicted on Nicolas. Nevertheless, it is essential to understand the dynamics that can lead to such reactions, in order to prevent future similar incidents.


The birth of the Refuge

Despite the hardships he went through, Nicolas Noguier drew from his own experience the strength to create something positive. This is how the idea of the Refuge was born, an association aiming to offer support and accommodation to young LGBT people rejected by their families because of their sexual orientation or gender identity. The Refuge quickly gained notoriety and provided essential help to many young people in distress, offering them a safe place to rebuild their lives.


Nicolas Noguier: His departure from the Refuge to support young LGBT asylum seekers with " Famille au Grand Cœur"

Nicolas Noguier, founder of the association Le Refuge, recently made an important decision by leaving the presidency of this emblematic organization. His commitment to young LGBT people in vulnerable situations does not stop there, however. He now devotes himself to a new cause as an active member of the “Famille au Grand Cœur" (Family with a big heart) association.

This new association, Famille au Grand Cœur", aims to help young asylum seekers and LGBT refugees who are facing a real threat in their country of origin. By sending these young people back to their country, they would be exposed to serious and even fatal risks because of their sexual orientation or gender identity. HappyGayTV also talks about it in a poignant video: Facing Homophobia

Faced with this critical situation, it is essential to support “Famille au Grand Cœur” in its fight to offer vital assistance to these young asylum seekers and LGBT refugees. Your support can help provide them with a safe environment, legal and social assistance, and the resources they need to rebuild their lives and escape persecution.

We are launching an urgent appeal for donations to help "Famille au Grand Cœur" to continue its crucial humanitarian action. Every contribution counts and can make a difference in the lives of these young people who simply aspire to live in safety and in harmony with their identity. Together we can bring the hope and protection they so desperately need.

Donate now to support Big-Hearted Family and help save lives by giving these young LGBT asylum seekers and refugees a chance to find refuge and rebuild their future. Your generosity can change lives and help build a more inclusive and caring world for all.



Nicolas Noguier's story highlights the difficulties that many young LGBT people face in our society. His personal journey, marked by a suicide attempt following a non-consensual outing, underlines the importance of supporting and accompanying these young people in vulnerable situations.

The Refuge, created by Nicolas Noguier, like the association he currently manages "Famille au Grand Cœur", represents a haven of peace for young LGBT people in distress, offering crucial support to overcome the difficulties they face. Through his courage and determination, Nicolas has turned his personal experience into a driving force to create positive change in the lives of many young people.

The video of the interview with André Helman, who comments on Nicolas' testimony, helps raise public awareness of the often painful reality experienced by young LGBT people. She highlights the importance of combating homophobia and creating an inclusive environment where each individual can accept and be accepted as they are.

This poignant story also reminds us of the need for psychological and social support for young LGBT people who are plagued by suicidal thoughts. It is crucial to have appropriate resources and support networks in place to prevent tragedies and provide refuge for these young people in distress.

Ultimately, Nicolas Noguier's tumultuous journey highlights the importance of acceptance, understanding and support for young LGBT people. His personal experience gave birth to a remarkable initiative that has saved many lives and continues to make a significant difference in society. Through organizations like Le Refuge and people like Nicolas, we are getting closer to the goal of a world where every individual, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity, is respected, valued and loved for what they do. it actually is.


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