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As a member (outsider or not) of the LGBT+ community, you may feel out of step with the rest of the world. A heterocentric society that can be a source of anxiety, misunderstanding or even isolation. Yet it is essential not to be left alone with this malaise, however small it may be, which can sometimes prevent you from fully assuming yourself [internal link on the words: "preventing you from fully assuming yourself" at: https:// dev.happygaytv.com/fr/article/su0m2/comment-assumer-son-homosexualite ]. You don't have to be the victim of homophobic insults or attacks to seek support from other gays, lesbians or trans people who are probably living and feeling the same things as you. The period around coming out is a pivotal moment during which you will feel the need to be listened to, reassured, understood and advised. All without judgement. That's good, that's exactly what we do here at HappyGayTV!


Being gay, what does it mean?

Words have meaning, and even power. However, it is not always easy to navigate with the many neologisms that emerge. And then, when you are in the middle of questioning your own identity, finding the right word helps you recognize and accept who you are. Taking stock of the vocabulary related to the LGBT+ community is therefore an essential step for anyone curious or curious.

What does homosexuality mean? Is being gay a choice? How do you know if you are homosexual or bisexual? And other questions that you may ask yourself when you wonder about your sexual orientation. The Quebec association MAG jeunes LGBT+ (Movement for the Affirmation of Young Gays, Lesbians, Bi & Trans) provides a summary of these questions: find the brochure on their site.

If you are wondering more specifically about your possible bisexuality, or if you are simply interested in the subject, MAG jeunes LGBT+ has devoted a booklet to this subject. In 6 questions/answers to take stock of this sexual orientation.

The National Transgender Association (ANT) has written a clear and easy-to-read booklet on the question of gender and identity. If you have any questions about this, read If my gender was told to me, free and in digital version right here.

Is there an ideal age to come out? Can it be too early? Can it be too late? At each period of life, each personal and family situation its specificities: find, in the article devoted to the theme of age and coming-out [internal link to https://dev.happygaytv.com/fr/ article/n-ot5/age-coming-out on the words "article devoted to the topic of age and coming-out"] , all information on the subject.

Be accompanied individually or within a community

The HappyGayTV platform, a slightly crazy project to create a channel on the web, entirely dedicated to LGBT+ people and their happiness!

Whatever your age, whatever your background or the situation in which you currently find yourself, HappyGayTV can support you, accompany you and make you a happy gay!

If you are in a period of questioning your sexual orientation and you discover your first emotions towards people of the same sex, you are certainly feeling a whole host of contradictory emotions. Joy mixed with fear, relief tinged with shame, or even outright disgust. Or (and we wish you so), just immense happiness to have finally found you!

It is the obligatory passage of introspection, self-acceptance and perhaps your first coming-out. And for that, we can accompany you to live it at best and choose the moment, the methods and the words that suit you.

CTA towards coming-out support

The channel also offers all those who want to join the community to be able to register for free, and to be assigned a place in the VIP club, the HappyGayTV Club. Do you want to be part of the community and get involved in the project?

CTA to Happy Gay TV club

And if you want to express yourself on a subject related to your gender identity, your homosexuality or any LGBT theme, you can join the HappyGayTV community by posting your audio or video messages on the HotLine! Participate in this collective project and make your voice heard in our programs.

CTA to Hot-Line

Get advice and know your rights in the event of insults or aggression.

Homophobic acts are offenses under French law. Yet it is not always easy to recognize that one has been a victim, or even to know how to act. The documentation on the subject of homophobia and transphobia, written by the Ministry of Public Service, can shed light on what the law says and the role of the Defender of Rights (DDD).

The association Le Refuge accompanies young victims of transphobia and homophobia. We had the chance to interview its founder and former president Nicolas Noguier to share his own experience. The association underwent a major restructuring in 2021 which, it is hoped, will allow it to continue to help suffering young people as well as possible.

Sometimes homophobic attacks don't wait for you to come out. Indeed, whether you are openly gay or not, an act of violence motivated by your real or perceived sexual orientation is homophobia. The association ADHEOS (Help & Defense Homosexual for the Equality of Sexual Orientations), which defines itself as a militant and friendly LGBT association, has produced a brochure to help victims of homophobic or transphobic aggression.

The French association SOS homophobia has also produced a practical guide against lgbtphobia. In the form of 37 practical sheets, the guide evokes many situations such as harassment, discrimination, violence in a lgbtphobic family setting, but also access to care, assisted reproduction, transidentity, etc.


And of course, all the resources available on HappyGayTV!


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