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" Lesbians dress like guys, have short hair and hate men ! You've heard these phrases before, haven't you? They are part of the many sexist clichés about lesbians that abound in the collective imagination. However, asking the question "am I a lesbian?" When you're a woman, it's not about wondering about your haircut or your dressing room. Questioning yourself about your attractions is legitimate, whatever the time of your life. So, if you're wondering about your attraction to other women, you've come to the right place.


Am I a lesbian? The 3 questions to ask yourself

How do you know if you're a lesbian when you can't answer this question clearly? By answering even more questions! We have created the following 3, not as an indicator of sexual orientation, but as food for thought so that you can move forward in your journey and answer the question yourself: am I a lesbian?

1. What do you think of the beauty of women?

More than the answer to this question, what interests us here is that you can observe what is happening inside you when you ask yourself.

By standing alone, in a quiet place and really asking yourself "what do I think of the beauty of women?" or "which woman do I find beautiful?" you will be able to observe your reactions.

  • Factual, a few names come to mind, you classify the criteria logically according to you,
  • A crush that suddenly comes back to you, with a few surges of the heart that go far beyond the simple observation of beauty,
  • A diffuse excitement that spreads in your body little by little, etc.

On your journey to identifying your sexual preferences, this step can be illuminating. It's up to you to take the time to observe and accept your feelings with kindness.

2. What are your past favorites?

We dive deeper into your emotions with this 2nd question which allows you to question your present and past attachments.

Sometimes the revelation to oneself of one's attraction to other women is done thanks to well-buried memories.

Flashbacks which, when we take the time to wonder about the subject, come back to our minds: "Ah yes, it's true that I had a real crush on this friend in particular , perhaps it wasn't just friendship that I felt" or " this woman always upset me when I was in her presence, it wasn't just admiration. »

So, do your past emotions help you move forward on the complex path of self-knowledge?


3. Do you regularly fantasize about other women?

Fantasies are a great source of information about our attractions, desires and sometimes to question our sexual orientation. Not necessarily to see them come true, but they are tracks traced by our subconscious (but not only) to tickle our excitement.

If you've come this far, that you've discovered a little more about yourself and your attractions thanks to the other 2 questions, would you like to go a little further?

Settle down in a quiet, intimate place where you feel safe and breathe easy.

After a few seconds, ask yourself the question: what are my fantasies?

Not those that heteronormative society shows us in a standardized way, but well: what turns me on in moments of intimacy?

And let the images, ideas and feelings come.

If you see women passing by or if they are the central subject of your projections, you now have some answers. It's up to you what you want to do with it.

If you want to share your journey to help other women answer the question: "Am I a lesbian?" ”, tell us about your CTA HappyGayTV Hot line experience.


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