Close-up of the fixed gaze of a man who seems to be scrutinizing the gaze of the person in front of him (the photographer), as if his eyes were trying to determine if the man in front of him was gay. A beautiful illustration of the Gaydar!

The Reality Behind the Gaydar Myth: Debunking a Popular Belief

The Gaydar: Myth Debunked - New research calls into question the existence of this instinctive recognition ability!

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2 men seen from behind, holding each other by the hips, are wearing bandanas in their pants pockets. A photo that illustrates gay dating codes called The Scarf Code ("Hanky Code")

"The Scarf Code ("Hanky Code"): A Hidden Tradition of the LGBTQ+ Community

Immerse yourself in the world of the Hanky Code, a little-known but emblematic tradition of the LGBTQ+ community. Explore the history and origins of this coded language using different colored handkerchiefs, scarves or bandanas to communicate sexual preferences.

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This image shows four umbrellas in the colors of the gay LGBT flag, seen from below, which are open next to each other and look like they are flying skyward all together, as if they are in love. A beautiful illustration of Polyamory among gays.

“Polyamory: Understanding, Exploring and Managing Relationship and Emotional Challenges”

Polyamory: a fascinating relationship practice that is more common than one might think among gay people and explores multiple love relationships.

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