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Capitalized terms refer to the following definitions:

The "Company" means [SBD Motion [….] whose registered office is located at 6 rue du Fort 91120 Palaiseau, France, registered in the Trade and Companies Register under number […] whose intra-community VAT number is […]


The "Site" means the website(s) accessible from the URL link and all the sites published by SBD Motion to present and sell its Services, including in particular:


"You" means the persons concerned by the Processing carried out on the Site (users, prospects, customers, etc.).

"Policy" means this cookie management policy.

Cookies: Cookies and tracers (hereinafter "cookies") refer to connection cookies and more generally, any file - deposited during the consultation of a website or a mobile application, the installation or the use of software in the user's terminal equipment - having as its object the reading or writing of information in this equipment. Cookies allow us to collect Site consultation data (IP address, Internet service provider, hardware configuration, software configuration, browser type and language, etc.).

1. USE:

Cookies may be placed by the Company or by third-party companies without your consent when they are strictly necessary for the operation of the site or to facilitate communication to the public online, for example when they are intended for authentication, to keep store the contents of a shopping cart, to generate traffic statistics, or to limit free access to a sample of content requested by users.


The maximum storage period for cookies is 13 months after their first deposit in your terminal and this period is not extended with each visit.


You are informed of the presence of cookies that are not strictly necessary by an information banner on the Site. With the exception of cases of use not subject to consent, cookies and tracers will only be stored on your terminal with your express consent. You may be periodically asked to reiterate your consent, to ensure that it is still valid.


You always have the possibility of modifying your preferences directly via the Site thanks to the dedicated configuration tool accessible [by clicking here - ] or via the parameters of your browser (Firefox with reinforced protection against tracking; Firefox with deletion of cookies; Chrome; Internet Explorer; Safari; Opera; Microsoft Edge). You can also configure your terminal's browser to activate the "Do Not Track" option, which will indicate to the sites visited, advertising agencies or applications that you do not wish to be "tracked". This feature is available in particular for the following browsers: Firefox; Internet Explorer; Safari; Opera; Microsoft Edge.

In the event of refusal of cookies that are not essential for the operation of the Site:

Certain features of the Site such as video players or interactive content use services offered by third parties and deposit cookies allowing them to identify your consultation of the content. If you refuse to deposit these cookies, the personalization features will not be able to work and the content that will be offered to you (in particular video suggestions or advertisements) will still be present but will be unrelated to your areas of interest.


In addition to cookies whose exclusive purpose is to allow or facilitate communication via our Site or cookies strictly necessary for the provision of the Site or Service to which you have subscribed, we use cookies and trackers for the following purposes:

Personalized advertising: The Company [and third-party companies] use / use trackers in order to display personalized advertising based on your browsing and your profile. These are the following third parties:

Non-personalized advertising and audience measurement: The Company [and third-party companies] use / use trackers for the purpose of measuring the audience of advertising on the Site without profiling you, in order to optimize the Site based on statistics on its attendance and the navigation of Internet users. These are the following third parties:

Location-based advertising: The Company [and third-party companies] uses trackers to send you advertising based on your location. These are the following third parties:

Personalization of content: The Company [and third-party companies] uses trackers to personalize the editorial content of the Site according to your use and to personalize the display of our offers according to those which you have previously consulted on the Site. These are the following third parties:

Sharing on social networks: The Site uses plotters to allow you to share content on social networks or platforms present on the Site, namely [COMPLETE].