Frédéric Gal Rehabilitated: The Employment Tribunal Verdict Restoring Justice to the Former Director of Le Refuge Foundation

Frédéric Gal, unfairly dismissed by Le Refuge Foundation, has finally received justice! Discover the details of this landmark judgment and how Frédéric Gal and Nicolas Noguier supported the LGBT cause and HappyGayTV. Click here to read the full article and relive these powerful moments.

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Birds fly away in the firmament after having broken their chain. A beautiful illustration of the struggle of LGBTQI + in Florida against oppression led by Ron DeSantis.

Florida: LGBTQI+ fight against oppression, hope persists

Learn about the fierce resistance of Florida's LGBTQI+ communities to discriminatory laws, and how despite oppression, vibrant hope persists for a future of equality and tolerance.

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Photo of a desperate man sitting with his head in his hands. This photo suggests that the man is tired of being called a fag!

Fag: Origin, evolution and debates around a controversial term to designate male homosexuals

What is the origin and multiple meanings of the controversial term "fag",, or "faggot", used to refer to male homosexuals. Explores its historical evolution, its pejorative and sometimes reappropriated use, as well as the debates it arouses within the LGBT+ community.

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Photo of the poster denouncing the law that prohibits teachers in Florida from discussing sexual orientation or gender identity in front of their students. It says let's stop the law: "Don't say gay or trans" (Don't say Gay or Trans)

Florida 'Don't Say Gay' Law: A Fight Against Free Speech and LGBTQI+ Equality

Don't say Gay! Florida passes law banning schools from discussing LGBT topics! Homophobic and transphobic law?

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A woman lost in the forest holding a book against her, she looks sad

Internalized homophobia is not inevitable!

How do you understand what is happening in you when you internalize homophobic behavior and remarks? Discover the undersides of internalized homophobia to free yourself from it.

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Two gay chicken eggs in a box of eggs, love each other with tender love, under the disapproving gaze of the other homophobic eggs in the box.

Homophobia: Here is the origin of evil!

Find out how the controversial verse from Leviticus still contributes to fueling homophobia and perpetuating violence against LGBTQI+ people today.

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