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Is sex addiction just a mental sight or a real mental disorder? Isn't it normal to satisfy sexual urges by living a totally liberated sexuality? Or is there a line that should not be crossed? We took advantage of a GayPride in Mas Palomas to investigate! Are you a sex addict?



Sex Addict: Is sex addiction more pronounced during Gay Pride?

Do Gay Pride participants suddenly have an inordinate sexual appetite? Would the atmosphere of this party be an opportunity to practice unbridled sexuality to assert your virility or femininity?

Would some take this opportunity to have more frequent intercourse, to justify or excuse an infidelity and to become for a few days a real sex addict?

Or would it be an opportunity to satisfy one's impulses, or to justify behavior that some might qualify as reprehensible, but which will not disturb people in certain specialized places?

Can we think that this is an opportunity to satisfy the sexual urges that are contained all year round?

Is the frequency of sexual relations of participants in a gay pride a sign of compulsive behavior, or simply the possibility of living at that moment, his sexuality without shame or guilt?

So we went to investigate, during the 10 days of celebrations in Mas Palomas, with those who were present at this Gay Pride. And as usual, we got some really funny responses!

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Sex addiction, a gay reality or a fantasy?

It is true that for gays, the frequency of sexual relations is certainly higher than for heterosexuals; monogamy is far from being the marital norm for the majority of them. It is therefore not uncommon for them to regularly find many sexual partners for one evening ...

Can we therefore speak of sex addiction? In fact, it seems that sex addiction is a real problem for some, men or women, without distinction, a real pathology. But just because you have a strong sexual appetite does not necessarily mean you are sex addicted.

Indeed, sex addiction is a compulsive behavior that manifests itself all the time and everywhere: at work, in the family, when traveling, day or night. This is real psychopathology. A sex addict cannot hide, his impulses are so strong. This is reflected very clearly in his remarks, which are unambiguous. If she or he lives with a partner, this can endanger it, as the demand to have sex with his or her partner is high. All means are good to satisfy his impulses: his quest for sex knows no bounds: cybersex, personal pleasures, multiple partners, pornographic films ...

The sex addict, even if he does not admit it, because he is very often in denial, feels ashamed and guilty. The consumption of sex is such for him that it becomes commonplace and therefore no longer satisfies him. This addiction then imposes on him an increased search for new erotic sensations. His quest will get the better of his work, his family life and will ultimately have very unfortunate consequences. It's like a bottomless pit that can never be filled.


How to cure sex addiction?

So, if you have a very important sexual activity, and you do not recognize yourself in this portrait, then everything is fine! But however, you must realize that the biggest difficulty for a sex addict is to admit it. So do a real introspection, and if in your opinion this pathology is true or if you are in doubt, do not hesitate to talk to your general practitioner. He will be able to direct you to specialized therapists, such as psychoanalysts or psychiatrists, in the event that this reveals a depressive state in you.

👉 As you know, your testimony is of interest to us, especially in order to help those who may be in the same situation. So if you are gay (woman or man) and you are, or have been, sex addict, and you are trying or have managed to get out of this situation and you are now living a more fulfilling sexuality, do not hesitate not then to leave us your testimony, in the form of audio file, or video on the Hot-Line.

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