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Am I a sexy, hot or handsome guy?

What is a handsome guy ? Is he just a sexy guy, a smasher ? Does he have to be young, with just a nice physique? Or should he also be athletic, very muscular, or even tattooed? Why does it have certain seductive attractions? Is it the way he dresses, his style of dress that makes him so attractive or is he just plain sexy?


On the occasion of a gay pride in Mas Palomas (Gran Canaria), we investigated, for you and as usual we collected funny and surprising answers ...

The handsome guy : 

According to the dictionary, the handsome guy is a rather young man with a very pleasant physique. He's a handsome guy, or a handsome kid. Regardless of his hair color, skin color or eye color, whether brown, blond or red, he is a hit with everyone! Some would call him a cute, hot guy, and still others a super hot guy. As soon as he appears, he fuels the fantasy, giving the illusion that he is the sexiest man, the most beautiful guy on the planet! It lights up everything, it's like time stands still and invades all space. Girls or boys, men or women, heterosexual or homosexual, everyone looks back in their path. He magically monopolizes all eyes!

Some will call him too cute, too sexy, and still others, will want only one thing, to see him shirtless, in a swimsuit. Some people imagine, as soon as he appears, ending the night with him! But does the handsome guy have a recipe, or is it a purely inborn quality, straight from genetics? Is he naturally a smasher? Is he a sexual object despite himself, or is it the result of long work: trendy attire, a gym to polish his muscles, and a well-designed haircut?

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What about the sexy guy, nothing to do with it?

Are the handsome guy and the hot guy two different things. It is true that for the needs of this micro-sidewalk, faced with a population coming from different countries, we have simplified the question by asking it in English and French, in this form: “What is it for you a sexy guy ”? And as you will see, unlike the handsome guy who is a priori a young guy, the sexy guy can, on the other hand, be of all ages or even very old, and have qualities which are not only those which attract the first. Look! Indeed, for some a sexy guy is someone who just has a special quality, without being a beauty canon, a fashion engraving. For example, some have told us that it is enough for him to have a lot of hair on a certain part of the body, to suddenly be called a hot guy!


👉So what's your take on the hot guy, does he have to be a hump?

Or does it have nothing to do with it?
Or do you think these two terms are simply synonymous?
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Thank you ! 😉


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