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2024, Is this the Last Gay Pride in Paris? Discover Our Disturbing Micro-Sidewalk!

Could Paris, the city of love and freedom, see its last pride march in 2024?

The day before the first round of the legislative elections, our HappyGayTV team walked the streets of the French capital during Gay Pride to ask a burning question: "Do you think this will be our last Gay Pride?"

This year's Pride March wasn't just a celebration. It took place in a tense political context, marked by the dissolution of the National Assembly by President Emmanuel Macron on June 9, 2024. The polls predict a fractured assembly, with a worrying rise of the far right and the leftmost. Faced with these predictions, many fear for the future of LGBT rights in France.


Discover Participants’ Reactions

In our video report, participants express both concern and hope. The tension was palpable in the streets, but the resilience of the LGBT community was also present. Some recall past struggles, such as those against pink triangles and AIDS, to emphasize that the community has overcome similar challenges before.

A Powerful Message from Marco DRION Presenter of HappyGayTV

Marco Drion, our presenter, underlines a crucial point: “Let us never forget that bad winds can come from the extreme right as well as from the extreme left. Let us remain united and vigilant. World history has shown us this. When any community is discriminated against, in word or deed, then the fate of LGBT people is systematically threatened. The history of the 20th century has demonstrated this to us unequivocally and violently.”

This quote particularly resonates during this election period. As Simone de Beauvoir said: “Our rights are never acquired, let’s remain vigilant.”



Result of the Legislative Elections: A Precarious Situation for LGBT Rights

Indeed, the danger is averted for the moment, since the left-wing coalition, the “New Popular Front”, has become the majority group in the National Assembly with 182 seats. However, they did not obtain the absolute majority of 289 seats, required in an assembly with 557 deputies. The coalition around the President of the Republic Emmanuel Macron only obtained 163 seats. The far-right party, the National Rally, made a worrying progression, going from 88 to 143 seats, becoming the leading party in France. The various rights obtained 68 seats and the various lefts 11 seats.

The danger is far from over. Although the “New Popular Front” has managed to avoid domination by the extreme right, the strong progress of the National Rally remains worrying. Their increase from 88 to 143 seats shows a significant increase in power. Even if future Gay Pride events seem assured for the moment, the threat persists. The LGBT community must stick together and overcome its internal disputes to face the rise of the far right. Vigilance and unity are more crucial than ever to protect our rights and freedom.

Join the Movement and Participate in the Discussion

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Even though the moment is serious, we remain optimistic and united.
Let’s take good care of ourselves, we love you all!

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