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Gay & Happy ?

Can you claim a happy life when you're gay? Do members of the LGBTQI community have the right to happiness like everyone else? Would the road to be happy be more tortuous and long for LGBT people than for heterosexuals, or would it lead nowhere?

Are there recipes to access happiness? Should you be in a relationship or single? To be a couple of boys or a couple of girls? Or, does the recipe for happiness have nothing to do with sexual orientation? Is there a lesson in happiness to be learned from all this, one or more rules to follow to have a fulfilling life?


We took advantage of a gay pride in Mas Palomas to investigate, and as usual we got some funny and surprising answers ...

Can you be gay and happy with transphobia and homophobia?

It's not easy to thrive when you're gay (LGBTQIA+), when you have to deal with mockery, threats, even physical violence. In France, between 2015 and 2016 for example, these malicious acts increased by nearly 20% according to SOS homophobie. But what, in the rest of the world and more particularly in the countries which, even today, condemn LGBT people to the death penalty, or to prison?
In order to protect themselves against these attacks, some have decided to go into hiding, to live a double life by staying in the closet, as they say. Others, at some point in their lives, have ended up taking the plunge, and one day decided to come out, to live their sexuality openly. But does either of these attitudes have an impact on the happiness of LGBT people?
Do we live happier hidden when we are gay? Or, does being happy have nothing to do with it?
And can you have the same freedom to organize your life to be happy according to where you live in the world?
Some studies also claim that boy couples are the ones where there is the most fulfillment, because there is less stress, due to a more equitable sharing of tasks, between the two partners! But is happiness in a gay couple a simple matter of organization?

Perhaps this micro-sidewalk will help you see more clearly: Look!

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Wouldn't gays be better equipped to be happy?

The particularity of LGBTQIs is that they have had to build themselves in a hetero-normed world. Indeed, contrary to what some people claim, we do not become gay, but we discover it, most often in adolescence. It is a reality that is imposed on us. One day, in spite of ourselves, we are forced to realize that we are different from others, and that we are attracted to people of the same sex as our own, unlike most of the people around us. Finally, it is often what we believe ... Then follows, a very deep feeling of loneliness, because we realize that we must “navigate” alone, in a world, where everything pushes us to build our own. own life, the same way heterosexuals do! And beware of those who do not! Which heterosexuals, for some, are aggressive, even downright violent, against those who do not fit the mold. And this, without forgetting that things are often worse for trances, who wish to change their identity, until they have irreversible surgery, to finally be happy in their own skin. A change of identity that is still very badly perceived, if not totally rejected by many people even today.

But ultimately, being able to build yourself in this world, when you're LGBTQI, isn't it an additional asset to being happy? Do not gays, much more than some straight people, have to wonder about many problems and find answers to them in order to build a fulfilling existence. Because not only, as humans, have they had to position themselves in the face of the same problems as those encountered by any heterosexual, but they also had to find answers to the questions that arise when one is homosexual. And these questions are both material and spiritual questions. This is what you will discover, if you follow the programs that HappyGayTV offers you. And this is what explains why we wanted to create our gay channel on this theme. And this, hoping, thanks to all of you, to bring a stone to the edifice.


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