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HappyGayTV: Why a Gay TV Channel ?

This channel is not a gay package, but a full-fledged channel that produces its own programs.

It is aimed at audiences of all ages, as it has the particularity, unlike many other gay channels, of not broadcasting specific programs for adults.


It is therefore not reserved for an informed public, no special code is therefore necessary to access its programs.

HappyGayTV is a channel for LGBT people, who don't just watch gay movies or series, but who are looking for the testimonials it broadcasts for keys and answers to many questions that gays have always asked themselves. .

It is therefore a gay channel for personal development that is aimed at a large lesbian, gay, bi and trance audience that questions themes such as coming out, gay marriage, gay pride, but also and above all to all those who want to get involved in the fight against homophobia and transphobia ...

It was created with the aim of providing real answers to LGBTQI issues.

But, through the themes it discusses, it is also a gay cultural channel.


HappyGayTV a genuine gay support channel

A gay psychological support channel

With consultants like André Helman, doctor and psychotherapist, but also thanks to the expertise of many LGBT associations, it allows us to look at the problems in a completely different light, because its only goal is, as far as possible, to 'help gays to better live their homosexuality, their trans sexuality ...

A gay support channel in the fight against transphobia and homophobia

Regularly, HappyGayTV will give voice to LGBT associations, which aim to fight against transphobia and homophobia.

It will regularly offer in its programs to help them, such as appeals for donations, the purchase of a book or a CD, the benefits of which will go directly to the fight against such discrimination.

Being gay and happy is the chain's leitmotif

You will therefore find many programs, like in the HappyGayTV Show, which will deal with a wide variety of testimonials and LGBT stories, which have had a journey that is both surprising and edifying. These stories will be followed by a relevant analysis from a guest, often on set, all ending in a burst of laughter, with the sequence of Roselyne from the Hot-Line.
Other short programs, such as street interviews, or micro-sidewalks, will allow you to entertain yourself while raising awareness of certain LGBT issues.


A gay channel where everyone can participate

The Hot-line, the channel's gay answering machine

There is not just one truth, which is why HappyGayTV does not see itself as "the only one" with the "good word". Therefore, all different opinions on a given topic are welcome. This is why everyone is invited to participate by giving their opinion, their testimony, their "truth" about the programs broadcast. This is why the Hot-Line was created, allowing everyone to be able to react, by leaving either an audio message or a video message, on the chain's servers. Messages, which when selected, will be included in broadcasts. For example, you can give your opinion on completing a micro-sidewalk, or comment on what André Helman said, or even those from Roselyne !!

The HappyGayTV club

The channel offers all those who want to get involved in this project, to be able to register for free, and to be allocated a place in the VIP club, the HappyGayTV Club. The members of this club will thus be kept informed, in preview, of the channel's activities, will be able to benefit from exceptional offers, or even attend filming of programs in public ...



So this Gay channel is yours: it's up to you to participate now

To join the club: it's here!

To leave a message on the hot-line, it's there!

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