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Discover the Rainbow Flag: Symbol of LGBT Diversity and Deep Meaning of the Gay Flag

The rainbow flag, known as the rainbow flag, is a unifying symbol of the LGBTQI+ community. It eloquently represents the diversity that characterizes it.

It is precisely for this reason that we want to put this symbol in the spotlight today. Not only is he mentioned in this show, in response to a question posed on our interactive platform, the Hot-Line, which is one of the unique elements of HappyGayTV and which you can discover here.

But it is also because the rainbow flag, this rainbow flag associated with the gay community, was symbolically attacked during the tragedy that occurred on November 22, 2022 at Club Q, in Colorado Springs in the United States, a LGBTQI+ nightclub which was a real little paradise where all the different communities gathered.

That's why we chose to illustrate this show with a somewhat provocative image: the rainbow flag riddled with bullets, representing the five impacts that claimed the lives of five people.

Finally, the choice of this symbol fits perfectly with the spirit of HappyGayTV & You (6), since it is the first time that we welcome, in the same program, people from different backgrounds and different countries, addressing a wide variety of topics that have been voiced via the Hotline:




In the program :

Your happiness video messages
In what way, the fact that our programs are subtitled in French and English, is likely to bring us closer to a category of people, often neglected even within the LGBT community
A gay construction game
Colorado Springs and your reactions and questions.
Update on all the flags of the LGBT community
And finally a surprise message arrived on the Hot-Line which broadens the perspectives of HappyGayTV and which, as we hoped, promises a bright future for our channel!




Rainbow Flag (LGBT)

The Rainbow flag, also known as the Gay Pride Flag, was created by Gilbert Baker and made its first appearance in 1978. Its first version initially had eight colors. However, due to technical constraints related to the manufacture of the color pink, the flag was reduced to seven colors and then finally to six.

It is this definitive version that we all know today. The flag was first flown at protests in the United States, including Gay Pride in San Francisco. Its use increased dramatically following the assassination of gay San Francisco City Councilman Harvey Milk on November 27, 1978. Since then, it has become not only the flag of Gay Pride, but also the flag of the whole LGBT community.

Other flags then appeared:

  • The 1992 Bear Community Flag
  • The Bisexual Flag 1998
  • The Labrys Lesbian Flag of 1999
  • The 1999 Trans Flag

And, since 2010 a multitude of flags for the sub-communities have been created. We have counted a total of 56 flags such as:

  • The Androgynous Flag
  • The Apogenre Flag
  • The Allied Heterosexual Flag
  • The Progress Pride Flag
  • The Rubber Latex Flag / Rubber Fetish - Latex (1995)...


Queer Eye: The Game

The gay community is characterized by its diversity, whether in terms of flags, topics covered or hobbies. In this video, we explore this diversity by highlighting one of the passions of one of our followers: construction games, and more particularly the one that consists of recreating the setting of the famous show Queer Eye. We'll be watching the unboxing and can't wait to see the end result in an upcoming HappyGayTV & You show!


Club Q Colorado Springs, November 19, 2022

Our followers were deeply moved when they recalled the deadly attack that took place at the Q Club in Colorado Springs, Colorado in the United States. The tragedy took place on a special evening held in commemoration of Transgender Day of Remembrance, celebrated around the world on November 20. On our show, we will address topics such as community unity and freedom of speech, particularly in response to the vile comments made by the assailant's father. It is with deep emotion that we will address these crucial questions.


For further :

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