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The 10 questions that all gays ask themselves

Watch the survey by clicking on the link here. Responses are anonymous.*


The day you realize you're gay is often tragic! We start asking ourselves a thousand and one questions, to which we don't necessarily get immediate answers. Often, you have to conduct your own investigation, meet other gays. And alas, not all of them are necessarily good advisers, or do not themselves have the answers to our questions. And as long as we have not found an explanation or satisfactory solutions, these questions do not stop invading our minds, a bit like with a computer which is continually occupied with a background task, a background ! And that often takes us, without our realizing it, a mad energy. An energy that we could use to achieve many other goals in our own life. Even those around us can see it. And often he himself doesn't understand why, all of a sudden, we seem constantly worried, why we are nervous and worried.

But what happiness it would be, if we had easily, in the same place, answers to all our questions. This is the goal of HappyGayTV, and this is why we created this gay channel for self-help and personal development. However, the LGBTQI+ community is by definition not homogeneous, we want to make sure before launching this channel further that it will meet the expectations of the community. Indeed, the HappyGayTV team does not claim to have absolute knowledge, nor to know all the questions you ask yourself as an LGBTQI + person. That's why we decided to conduct our little investigation. You will therefore find by clicking on this link a mini survey where you will be able to express yourself freely. That is why I am now asking for your help and a little bit of your time. Help that will of course be shared with the community of our followers for the good of all!


10 Gay Questions We've All Asked

Have you ever dreamed of being a happy, fulfilled and respected gay man?
A gay man moving forward in his life, building his future step by step every day?
A gay with a stable life, proud of who he is, and who knows how to choose his friends, his partners, his relations, with discernment?

On the other hand, have you ever been tired of having to play a role that is not yours, of having to hide in order to live your life fully as you wish.
To feel guilty and ashamed or ashamed of being who you are, when everything could be different!
But also, to feel helpless in the face of this crisis you are going through?
Or to feel alone in the face of these difficulties for which you do not find the appropriate listening and support?
Don't you feel frustrated that you can't have a passionate relationship with someone of the same gender as yours?
Has this situation become unbearable for you?

Who am I to ask such questions?

Hello, I'm Marco Drion and I'm currently working on the brand new personal development channel for gay people: HappyGayTV.
Its goal is to give keys, leads, concrete solutions to all gays who wish to flourish in their lives, to become free and happy and to fully assume themselves as they are!

Why propose this project and this survey?

I am gay myself and as a result, I have had very long crossings of the desert, with in addition, a very complicated family context.

Therefore, I lost a lot of time in my life, before finding a balance, and a peaceful life.
Fortunately, I always wanted to move forward and I ended up finding solutions to allow me to live my gay life in a fulfilling way.

Today, enriched by all this experience, I have therefore decided to share it with as many people as possible. And that's why, with the help of my team, I'm building the HappyGayTV project!

Questions and answers to move us all forward.

So, if you recognize yourself in my words and you too want to move forward, I would appreciate it if you could tell me a little more about all the questions you have as a gay person.

To tell me what exactly are the difficulties you are encountering and this so that I can provide you with concrete solutions with suitable video and audio programs.

So, I would be very grateful if you could answer these few questions by clicking on this link:

I will carefully read all your answers and I will take them into account to better help you through the content that I will develop, both in web conferences and on HappyGayTV!


What this survey has in store for you

In return for your help, your answers, you will be:

  • Guest of honor to attend these web-conferences!
  • Member of the HappyGayTV Pioneers Club, those who will have the opportunity to discover, in preview, this channel and its exclusive programs!

But in addition, you will have:

  • The opportunity to actively participate in the development of programs.
  • And if you do, you will receive a surprise gift to thank you for your participation!

So, please answer these quick questions now, it won't take you more than 5 minutes!
The link is here

And if you ever know other gays that this channel could help, then please send them this little questionnaire too, by sharing this video as many times as you can, by clicking on this link.


How to participate even more actively in this chain :

As you have surely already discovered, we have created a kind of web answering machine, a TV Forum, which allows you to leave us your comments, your ideas, your questions, in the form of an audio or video message. It's the HappyGayTV Hot-Line! So don't hesitate to share, but this time with our entire audience, your ideas, your experiences, but also your questions with our magnificent interface!

Thank you, this will allow us all to move forward!


And don't forget to stay in touch with us and access even more videos, subscribe now to the HappyGayTV Club


Thank you and I therefore look forward to your answers both in this little survey and on the Hot-Line!

See you soon ! 😉


* However, if you wish to be contacted again and participate in all that is offered to you in the video, you will then have to leave us your email so that we can stay in touch. You are free to do it or not.


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