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All You Need: Discover this gripping Gay series and the social issues of the show HappyGayTV & You

"All You Need" is the captivating title of this 7th edition of HappyGayTV & You, the program of HappyGayTV, which covers various topics, all connected by the questions asked by our followers on the Hot-Line.
First of all the HappyGayTV team, send a big thank you to all the contributors of this show, because we all need enriching and comforting messages! Because yes, it is important, your voice counts and your opinion is essential to create an inclusive and vibrant space on HappyGayTV. Now share your thoughts, questions and reactions by leaving an audio or video message via our internal messaging system: the Hot-Line. Express yourself on the subjects that interest you, whether it's HappyGayTV vidéos, this one or others, captivating films, inspiring books, or whatever interests you as a gay person. Your contribution enriches our community and helps to build an open and authentic dialogue.
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"All You Need": This is of course and above all the name of a German series that has generated real enthusiasm within our team. This article explores different facets of "All You Need" with a focus on the series, social issues, and the need to improve society.

All you Need: it's also the need to answer a question, admittedly a little ribald, not to say trivial, and which is whether there is a way to determine the size of the sex of a future cis-gender male partner, and in a very discreet way, without him even being able to notice it, quite simply, by observing a part of his anatomy, visible most of the time, such as his hands, and particularly the waist of his fingers. A response to a need, after all, quite legitimate!

All you Need: this is also the question I asked myself about little Lucas, who killed himself in January 2023, because he was harassed at school, because of his homosexuality. A subject that moved our followers, well beyond the French borders.
And the question that bothers me about him is this: what did Lucas really need and who would have stopped him from taking action?

All you Need: it's also the need that most of our followers feel, to send us "happiness videos", via the Hot-Line, and God knows, if we don't really need it right now!



All you need: the series

All you need is the first LGBT series produced by the German channel ARD and directed by Benjamin Gutsche

It is broadcast in France on the Canal+ bouquet, pending a DVD release.

All you need is really in line with Queer as Folk, this series that we all adored in the 2000s, unlike its very last version which is unbearable, so much we are in clichés, quotas and stereotypes!

Here in All You Need, we understand the motivations, the brakes, the doubts and the needs of each of the characters, all served by excellent actors and dialogues, but also thanks to situations, after all, both as banal than original.

All you need: What is it?

This is the story of a very strong friendship between the character of Vince (Benito Bause) and that of Levo (Arash Marandi)

But, this friendship will be undermined by a somewhat unpredictable event, which neither of them really wanted and which will nevertheless explode in their faces!

Around this friendship gravitate Tom (Mads Hjulmand) who discovers his homosexuality only very late, and who will therefore make us discover the gay environment, the queer scene of Berlin and all its temptations.

Added to this is a very touching character, Robbie (Frédéric Brossier), whom Vince will meet, from the very first episode and for whom he will have a real crush.

But do we know who Robbie really is?

The All you need series will make us discover all these characters that we will see evolve and who will show us their flaws, their doubts, their mistakes, but also and above all their humanity!

Paradoxically, we could hate them all, but ultimately we love them!

And to complicate things, a new character, Simon (Ludwig Brix), will land in the second season, to again sow trouble in the already complicated relationships between our heroes.

All you need: to watch, that's why

The All you need series has the merit of showing the parallel between the problem of being black in a Berlin of the 2020s, and that of being gay! But also, to demonstrate that if our respective needs are sometimes in disagreement with those of our friends, or our lovers, thus creating numerous conflicts, the fact remains, and it is a paradox, that we yet needs them!

All you need: a very addictive series that deals with forgiveness, resilience and redemption...


Lucas' Needs!

For little Lucas, the fundamental question I ask myself is this: what did he need, and what did he lack, so that he ultimately decided to end his life!

Was it self-esteem, self-confidence, a protective classmate, a caring adult in high school, books, TV shows, LGBT movies, that could have helped him? to project yourself into the future, to find your way as gay, or even to follow the programs of HappyGayTV, where you try to show everyone that you can be gay and happy?

Reminders of the facts

The young Lucas, aged 13, killed himself on January 7, 2023 at his home in Golbey in the Vosges in France, because he was harassed in college, because of his homosexuality, as he had specified. in his diary.

This event moved all the French-speaking press.

The facts took place, from September 2022, to the beginning of January 2023, without anyone apparently intervening.

However, Lucas was part of a college that had put in place a system to actively fight against bullying, with the appointment of student ambassadors, supposed to warn adults in this type of situation. This is the "Phare device" (Lighthouse device)!

And for good reason, there are 700,000 harassed students in France, i.e. 1 to 3 students per class!

So why didn't this device work, in Lucas' case?

In fact, it is certainly the latest report from "SOS Homophobie", which can give us an element of the answer, since we learn that 26% of stalkers against gays are members of the management of the establishment, and that 21% are teachers...

It's chilling!

We can then very easily understand why our young ambassadors may not have dared to intervene!

It is the investigation that will shed light on what really happened.

Indeed, the prosecution has decided to file a complaint against X, for non-denunciation of ill-treatment of a minor.

For the moment, at the time of writing these lines, four minors have been summoned to the children's court of Épinal, to be tried there for school harassment, which led to the suicide of the victim.

Homophobia and school bullying: the need to change mentalities

As our followers, Nicolas from Belgium, who intervenes in this video, explains so well, thanks to the Hot-Line: "This tragedy shows that it is not enough to change the laws to change mentalities"!

And it's true that if we look closely, we are not close to achieving it!

As proof, we still wonder why some people do not measure the seriousness of their words, especially when we are an influential person, and who is authoritative for many people in the world. I am thinking in particular of the words of Pope Francis, who declared only a few days after the death of Lucas, on January 25, 2023 that homosexuality is a sin!

How can he not understand that saying this is likely to break the self-esteem of some young gays, in full construction of themselves, and worse to push some to suicide!

Ah what good living, since even the pope says, that I am a shit; forgive me the phrase!

And one wonders, to what extent, this type of statement can also comfort some adults, to bully young LGBTs in colleges and high schools, then feeling legitimate to do so, since even the Pope condemns gays!

Words that we really have a hard time accepting and understanding, it being specified that it has never been mentioned in the Gospels that Jesus Christ could have said anything against gays or trances!

In this video, we therefore pay tribute in our own way, to the memory of Lucas, well aware that this drama demonstrates how important it is to share HappyGayTV with as many people as possible, to change mentalities!

It may be a drop in the ocean, but isn't it true that small streams make great rivers?

And it is precisely for all these reasons that HappyGayTV was created, as Marco explains in this video, so that this kind of drama does not happen again!

So, now share this page, with this video by any means SMS, emails, social networks..
And don't forget to share this other video too: Growing up Gay which is about a documentary, about LGBTQI+ bullying at school. We discover the career of Olly Alexander, the singer of the group Years & Years, and director of this opus, who himself had been harassed in England during his adolescence.

And if you ever wanted to intervene in our programs to make a comment, as John, Nicolas, Esteban and Juju did, use the Hot-Line, it's here, just let yourself be guided!


A natural need

Is there a way to determine the size of the penis of a future cis-gender male partner without him even realizing it?

A somewhat ribald question, not to say trivial, but which responds to a very real need among gays, especially for all those who are looking for the ideal partner and for whom this anatomical detail is of paramount importance!

Because indeed, Korean scientists have really looked into the question, and have demonstrated that there is indeed a correlation between the size of the hands and more particularly that of the fingers and the size of the penis, but also that if the index finger is smaller than the little finger, so there's a good chance that a nice surprise awaits you, in your future partner's panties!

As promised by Marco in this video, here are several articles that address this issue:

So, as Juju said so well in this video: "On your meters, on your rules and forward for the measurements"! But also, and above all, forward for your comments on the Hot-Line, concerning this highly metaphysical question!

And let your friends and relations discover this long-awaited discovery! Share this article to reveal the key to perfect size and enter the fascinating world of male pleasure mysteries. Together, we break taboos and explore hidden clues for an unforgettable experience. Don't keep this knowledge to yourself, share it with your friends and pave the way for a frank and uninhibited conversation. Prepare to be amazed and reveal the power of shared knowledge!


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