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Gay Club

Here is a very particular and unique gay club. It bears no resemblance to a traditional gay club, as one might imagine.

It's neither a box or a gay discotheque, nor even a gay bar and even less a sauna or a back-room!

No, this club I want to tell you about is HappyGayTV! It's the HappyGayTV Club!

And it's a gay club, very different from what you might imagine, and which is in the process of becoming.

It is true that currently, this service is a restricted service, because it is not yet completely completed. This is another part of the HappyGayTV site which, at the time these lines are published, is still under construction.

And so this is the perfect opportunity, the perfect time for you to tell me how you imagine it, what you would like it to look like, what you would like to participate in, what you would like to engage in or more simply, what additional service you would like to benefit from, in addition to all the videos that are already offered to you for free.

The idea is to ensure that even before its release, this gay club can best meet your needs and those of its members.

And what is absolutely amazing is that you can, right now, tell us what you expect from it, and in a certain way shape it according to your idea, even before it is deployed.

To do this, it's very simple, just watch this video or directly answer the short questionnaire that we have put in place.

The video is here

The little quiz is here



HappyGayTV Club today

Today the HappyGayTV Club is reduced to its simplest expression. This is normal since we are only at the beginning of this magnificent adventure.

Today, however, it already allows you to stay in touch with us, and not to miss any new video.

Very regularly, you will therefore receive emails that will tell you that a new video is online.

So you don't miss anything!

So if you haven't signed up yet, do it now!

So, as announced on the site, and even if we play on words a little, these are already new videos that you can enjoy for free.

But this system already has a very big advantage, it is to be able to stay in contact all together, and to be able to warn you when other events will take place.

We can then, why not, make you benefit from partnerships, give you the opportunity to attend, for example, the recording of programs in public and therefore ultimately, to be able to meet other members of the Club.

It is therefore already, for the moment something very important, a service of the Club, which you can benefit from now and for free.


HappyGayTV Club: even more videos

In the near future, other videos specially dedicated to Club members will appear on the HappyGayTV website, in the HappyGayTV Club section!

This will be done very simply.

By connecting to the Club, by going to the HappyGayTV Club section on our site in the top menu, a whole section will then appear, unfold, so that you can benefit from more programs, more videos dealing with more specific subjects, more specialized themes.

This is why we would be interested in knowing the themes that you would particularly like to see addressed.

We already have a little idea on the matter, but it would be nice if you also shared yours with us so that we are sure to offer you a service that will really please you.

So here again, I invite you to fill out this short questionnaire by clicking on this link.

But also to subscribe to the HappyGayTV Club, if you haven't already!

Indeed, it will also be through this that you will be notified of the launch of the HappyGayTV Club, once it is ready to be fully deployed.


Early subscribers rewarded

Today at the time when his lines are written, as you have understood, we are only at the genesis of this beautiful adventure.
And the entire HappyGayTV team is very sensitive to the fact that, already, on a daily basis, many people come to join us in the club.

This is why all current subscribers are for us very special subscribers, very dear to our hearts, because they are fans from the very beginning.

And that's why I'm going to let you in on a little secret now. For you, as for all those who have already registered and who may be a little frustrated at not being able to fully access the HappyGayTV Club, read carefully here:

Know that currently, you are referenced with us with, I was going to say, with a kind of additional tag, an additional parameter, which will allow us when the time comes, to thank you for your wait, and thus to be able to make you benefit some additional bonuses, unlike all those that will arrive after the full deployment of the HappyGayTV site!

There will be in this gay club, a rather special section which will be called "Class-Vip". Therefore, subscribers from the very first hour will of course all be entitled to a bonus, a prerogative, to access it, but I didn't tell you anything!

So, as you understood, it's not for now, but it's only postponed, if I may say so!

Therefore, if you have not yet registered, it is in your best interest to do so now by clicking here to subscribe. Do it it's free!

And don't forget, if you have any ideas for us for the Club, I invite you once again to watch this video and let us know your proposals here.

The whole team is impatiently awaiting your answers, which we will all read carefully!

See you soon and thank you in advance for your participation


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