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Gay and if we met?

Make no mistake about it HappyGayTV is not a dating site, but on the other hand, it is a gay site that caters to the LGBTQI+ community and offers something quite special, in the fact that he offers a very special service which is to appear in the programs and to be able to exchange with the whole team of this gay channel, but also with all the followers, the gays or gay friendly who watch us!

And it's true, that while talking about it around me, some of my interlocutors expressed the idea that it could be a slightly different way of meeting, of exchanging and who knows of going further, if more affinity!

Admittedly, this service was not designed to connect our followers to exchange in private discussions and chat in an intimate way! But on the other hand, it was designed to allow all those who want to intervene on this gay channel, to be able to do so, via a service called the Hot-Line and which allows you to intervene on the air by sending us audio messages, such as videos. To be able to exchange ideas, comments, questions...



The Hot-line to meet between gays?

We never know what life has in store for us! But it is true that we are not safe during our existence, to meet someone at a party, in the context of sports activities, or even in a charity association and that the charm acts immediately! It's the same for HappyGayTV, make no mistake about it! By appearing in our programs, you will all have access to a very good audience, and who knows that maybe one day someone will notice you and you can then simply want to meet or meet them. for real !

But it is true that the purpose of this service was not made for that! The idea of ​​the designers of HappyGayTV was to do the opposite of Youtube, where everyone has their own little personal channel. On the other hand, with our Gay TV, with our LGBTQI + channel, the idea was to take the opposite view of this way of doing things, and to create a channel for everyone! A channel where each of us can express themselves with respect for all, by sharing their ideas, comments, asking questions, dancing and singing... A channel that will bring together the LGBT community from all countries!

Where will gays be able to see and meet each other?

So, as you have understood, the Hot-Line service gives everyone the possibility of sending an audio message, or a video message. But what happens next?

Know that the messages will be scrutinized by our teams and that the best of you will be able to go on the air. All you have to do is watch the videos, the trailers, in the Hot-Line section, which explain how to do it, and what you have to respect for it to work.

But above all, don't forget, once your message has been sent, to click on the link received by email (check your spam). By receiving this email, it is certain for you that your message has arrived on our servers. But also, the possibility, in case of hesitation, to be able to validate it definitively, or not! You have 48 hours to do so. Then your message will be automatically destroyed, by our servers. Don't forget to activate the link, especially if you recorded a flash mob!

Then, if your intervention is judged to be of quality, by the whole team, it will be uploaded to our timeline to be integrated into the editing!

And it is in the HappyGayTV & You show, but also in the HappyGayTV Show that the best messages will be broadcast!

In the future, it will even be a question of even broadcasting it in the private part of the site, which is the HappyGayTV Club!


So, to not miss anything, do not hesitate to subscribe to the Club, the link is here!

And it will also be, who knows, a somewhat special way of meeting other gays, through screens!

On this subject, if you ever thought that it would be a good idea to also be able to ensure that gays can talk to each other, off the air, in order to organize a date, a date, then thank you for let us know. We have specially prepared, just for you, a small questionnaire, a small survey, which will take no more than 5 minutes to complete.
He will ask you, among other things, what you expect more particularly from HappyGayTV, its programs, what questions, what problems, you would like us to talk about, to debate on the air! Link is here!

The first meetings, the first sharings

In the video that is present in this page, you will finally discover the first faces, the first voices of those who have used this service for the very first time.

It's a great moment for the HappyGayTV team, who worked for more than a year to produce this program which is a real application, integrated 

directly to the browser of your smartphone or your computer!

Let me tell you, it's a great moment for the whole team!

In the program :

  • Happiness videos: That is to say all the messages of encouragement, even coming from far, far away from France, where we shot this first show!
  • A very relevant question about our programs, with someone who wants to know a little more!
  • A technical question concerning the Hot-line! And that's normal, indeed, it's a bit of a baptism of fire for all of us. It is therefore important to specify certain things, to allow you to use this service in an optimal way, without encountering difficulties. And it is also for the whole technical team the opportunity to check if, despite our tests, it works as well as we thought!

Do not hesitate to come and join us in this great adventure:



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