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Yvette Leglaire - Place aux femmes

For the brand new format of HappyGayTV & YOU, welcome to the vibrant and exuberant world of Yvette Leglaire, an inimitable artist whose career spans two decades. According to Marco Drion who hosts this show: "Yvette Leglaire is as well known in the Parisian Marais, the gay district of the French capital, as the Eiffel Tower in the world"! That’s saying something! In her new musical opus entitled "Place aux femmes," which some describe as very daring, Yvette Leglaire transports us into a universe rich in emotions, with deep texts which could at first glance seem saucy, but which if we look at them more closely, celebrate with great finesse and sensitivity, diversity and female influence. It is a vibrant tribute to women: “Without whom we would be no one, whether we are a woman or a man”. But that's not all, Yvette Leglaire also pays a poignant tribute to all "her sisters", all these singers who built her during her life and without whom, today, she would be nothing, in particular: Anne Sylvestre and Marie Paule Belle.
Join us now in the special show on HappyGayTV, where Yvette shares her thoughts, anecdotes and answers ardent questions from followers on the Hot-Line, the channel's social network.



1-Artistic Collaboration: “Place aux Femmes”

Within the album "Place aux femmes," a musical gem resides in the title already released on a 3-track CD (LP) some time ago: "Places aux femmes." This song, a vibrant tribute to women, was initially available exclusively from Marianne Mélodie and remains accessible today.

  • The Genesis of “Places for Women”

    This unique work testifies to Yvette Leglaire's commitment and love towards her "sisters", her singer friends, those she worked with throughout her 20-year career. In this composition, Yvette Leglaire shares the microphone with an impressive ensemble of talented artists: DAISY D'ALBA, LUCID BEAUSONGE, MARIE PAULE BELLE, JACQUELINE BOYER, ELISABETH BUFFET, ANTOINETTE COLIN, SOPHIE DAREL, KARINE DUBERNET, JACQUELINE DULAC, YSA FERER, ISABELLE FERRON, NICOLE FERRONI, CORINNE HERMÈS, CHANTAL LADESOU, SANDY LR, MARIANNE SERGENT, FRANSCESCA SOLLEVILLE, STONE, MAMABÉA TÉKIELSKY, FABIENNE THIBEAULT, and ZIZE.
    This exceptional collaboration transcends simple musical creation and becomes a collective celebration of femininity, carried by the diversity of voices and talents which unite in an unforgettable artistic harmony. A magnificent tribute to women to listen to in full!

  • Places, Women, a Clip

    Note a subtlety in the spelling of the title: "Places aux femmes" with an S in the word "place," unlike the album which is titled "Place aux femmes" without an S. This nuance is not accidental and Yvette Leglaire, during the special broadcast, explains with emotion, thanks to the question from Thomas our follower, the reason for this spelling difference. For those who want an illustration of this difference, a clip has been made to accompany this song. The clip offers an obvious visual explanation of this subtlety.

2-Marie Paule Belle: Composer of Two Songs

At the heart of the album “Place aux femmes,” an exceptional collaboration took shape with the talented Marie Paule Belle. This icon of French song, known for his unique artistic sensitivity, made his musical contribution by composing the music for two notable songs from Yvette Leglaire's opus: "Je ne suis pas une Drag Queen" and "L'integrale by Marie Paule Belle.

  • The Musical Compositions of Marie Paule Belle

    Marie Paule Belle, whose repertoire includes iconic songs such as “La Parisienne,” “Wolfgang et moi,” and “Quand nous seront amis,” is a major figure in French song. With her refined musicality, she offered Yvette LEGLAIRE two musical gems. In this show, Yvette LEGLAIRE explains why she chose Marie-Paule Belle to collaborate on this album and how this collaboration was born, in particular thanks to Matthieu MOULIN, the artistic director of Marianne Mélodie. These songs, imbued with the creative essence of Marie Paule Belle, add a special emotional depth to the album. The marriage of Yvette's exuberant voice and Marie Paule Belle's delicate compositions creates a captivating musical synergy. Also note that this renowned artist recently released a new album entitled “Un soir entre mille.”

  • The Texts of Yvette Leglaire

    Let's dive into the themes explored by these two exceptional artists. Marie Paule Belle, recognized for her ability to compose moving pieces through her melodies, brings a unique artistic dimension to the album. “The Complete Marie Paule Belle” also represents a sincere tribute to this great French singer. The songs composed by her are not only musical pieces, but melodies which captivate the listener and which give a very particular depth to Yvette's text. This song recounts with great humor the setbacks of a widowed woman who, late in life, is looking for a young husband, so that he can inherit him!
    As for the title: "I'm not a Drag Queen", it's an opportunity for Yvette to say a little more about who she is, and in passing to settle scores amicably with her friends the Drag Queens! However, thanks to the intervention of two of our followers "Walter, the bookseller" and "Fabien, from Bar le Baroque in Paris", we will have the chance in this show to know a little more about who is hiding behind the strange character of Yvette Leglaire!

3- Chantal Goya Versus Anne Sylvestre?

Marie Paule Belle is not the only singer for whom Yvette Leglaire wrote a song. The title “Ma soeur Anne” is a poignant, not to say heartbreaking, tribute to Anne SYLVESTRE, who died on November 30, 2020 and for whom Yvette Leglaire has infinite admiration. A moving title, since Yvette tells us that she wrote this song “so as not to die” in turn!
Anne Sylvestre is also an artist who was often opposed in the 80s to another singer: Chantal GOYA. Hence the question from Hervé, one of our followers, to find out if Yvette would be more Chantal, who is undoubtedly a Gay icon, or rather Anne.
Without any surprise his answer will be in favor of Anne Sylvestre. Even if, as she says, Chantal Goya is the dream, the magic of children's stories. But for her Anne Sylvestre is an author “where every word counts”. That said Chantal Goya will not be left out, because in a certain way she is also a little present in this album, since one of the pieces was composed by her husband and producer Jean-Jacques DEBOUT: "Miss Brésil".


4- Yvette on Stage

Let's dive into the intimate world of Yvette Leglaire's live performances, where energy and humor merge in places that are dear to her, such as Point Virgule, this small, intimate setting that she particularly likes. Yvette shares with us her stage preferences, highlighting her love of more modest venues, where every look counts, thus preferring the warm atmosphere of Point Virgule to vast stages like Bobino.

  • The Small Rooms, Real Jewels

    For Yvette Leglaire, small rooms are like jewels where she can connect directly with her audience. Le Point Virgule becomes the theater of his emotions, a place where every facial expression is perceptible, and every laugh resonates in a singular way. The intimacy of these places offers a unique proximity, allowing Yvette to create a special bond with her audience.
    Beyond the shared laughter, Yvette Leglaire confides to us her love for small rooms, conducive to authentic encounters with her audience. After the shows, she takes pleasure in inviting spectators to share a drink, thus extending the bond created on stage. Yvette, an artist who adores people, delights in these moments of exchange where conversations sometimes go on for hours. For her, each spectator is a precious encounter, an opportunity to share the passion that drives her. During the show, Yvette treats us to a hilarious anecdote that occurred during one of her performances. A spectator, apparently disturbed, abruptly leaves the room, leaving Yvette LEGLAIRE uncertain as to what could have caused this hasty departure. Far from giving up, Yvette continues the show with her usual brilliance. However, the unexpected happens: the viewer returns almost a quarter of an hour later, revealing in a surprising turn of the video, the reason for his momentary absence. An anecdote full of humor which testifies to the unpredictability and charm of live performance. Thus, these anecdotes from shows reveal the very essence of Yvette Leglaire on stage: an artist who knows how to captivate small and large audiences, while creating unique and unforgettable bonds through humor, spontaneity and the shared love for the scene.
  • Dates of Concerts and Shows

    - January 9 Paris: Caravan of Arts-La Dame de Cantan
    - January 20: Nice Au Petit Moulin
    - January 26: Wavrin Le Bulto Music Hall
    - February 4: Narbonne Chez Lulu
    - February 9 and 10: Marseille Théâtre du Têtard
    - February 14: Wavrin Le Bulto Music Hall
    - March 1 and 29: Wavrin Le Bulto Music Hall
    - April 11 to 13 Limoges: Comédie de Limoges.

5-Yvette responds to Followers on Hot-Line

In an interactive and committed approach, Yvette Leglaire addresses her followers directly on the HappyGayTV Hot-Line, answering 11 selected questions, among those submitted by a community previously alerted via the HappyGayTV VIP club, as well as the social networks such as Facebook and Instagram.

  • Mobilization of Followers

    Community mobilization took place mainly among subscribers to the HappyGayTV VIP club, a free membership offering exclusive advantages. The call was also distributed via social networks, inviting followers to post their questions on the Hot-Line. The enthusiasm of the participants was reflected in audio and video messages, each follower taking care to create an account on the Hot-Line, thus reproducing the connection ritual specific to social networks.

  • Selection of Relevant Questions

    Among the numerous messages received, 11 questions were selected, each accompanied by excerpts of songs taken from Yvette Leglaire's latest album, "Place aux femmes". This careful selection highlighted the diversity of questions, covering a range of subjects ranging from musical creation to more personal aspects of Yvette Leglaire's life. The show has a big surprise in store, with an unexpected question saved for last. This question, from followers, brings a surprising final touch to this series of exchanges. The element of surprise and unpredictability thus marks the conclusion of the show.

By answering questions from followers, Yvette Leglaire therefore inaugurates the new format of HappyGayTV & You, the show where followers participate in shows via the Hot-Line. She offers an authentic insight into her personality, sharing anecdotes, reflections and special moments from her life. A funny and moving show thanks to this direct interaction which reinforces the unique bond which unites Yvette with her community, making each of her appearances an experience that is both entertaining and enriching.

6-Participate in Yvette Leglaire’s Brilliant Universe!

To conclude, it's an exclusive show where we plunged into the captivating world of Yvette Leglaire, discovering behind the scenes of her latest album "Place aux femmes" and sharing special moments from her career. Now it's up to you to play to enrich this unique experience!

  • Take the Magic with you: Buy or Download the Album!

    Let yourself be carried away by the musical magic of Yvette Leglaire by adding her latest album, “Place aux femmes”, to your collection. Whether digital download or physical media, immerse yourself in the captivating melodies of this exceptional opus.
    - To buy the CD: the link is here
    - To download the album: the link is here

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Finally, a big thank you to the bar “Le Baroque” in Paris, 15 rue de la Reynie, which allowed us to capture this broadcast.

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