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Gay Revelation

Today is heavy!
Here are many revelations about your favorite gay channel: HappyGayTV!

Indeed, we are going to reveal to you on the screen, a very Gay QR code, which will allow you to make HappyGayTV known around you, and perhaps allow you to become one of our ambassadors!
The link to QR code is here.

We are also going to reveal a new character to you who will soon appear on HappyGayTV, directly linked to the Hot-Line! A character, which I hope will appeal to the whole LGBT community...

Without forgetting to tell you why, there will never be a “gay newscast” on HappyGayTV, not even a flash!



Revelation on HappyGayTV

In this show, I will explain to you why HappyGayTV will not do news flashes, no television news.

Indeed, HappyGayTV is not a news channel, but a personal development channel. It is therefore not intended to cover events, as the channels or news magazines do.

But beware, this does not mean that we will not react to certain events that concern the LGBT community.

But we will not do it in the same way as that adopted, most of the time, by the news channels, by sending a reporter on site to cover the event.

Indeed, if it is important to talk about this news, we will do it in a different way, bringing another look, a particular note, such as with a mood post, the reactions posted on the Hot-Line, or with a different report.

And in doing so, it may happen that we reveal other more fundamental information, which the news channels, due to their format, cannot, or do not want to address, about gays.

And what will make all the difference is that on HappyGayTV, LGBT news treated in this way will always remain online, like a reminder shot!

Indeed, on the news channels, a new news chases the other, and the latter often falls into oblivion, the following days.

On HappyGayTV, everything is and will remain available free of charge, for whoever will take the trouble to watch.

Thus, some very important videos, those whose events have marked the entire international LGBTQI + community, will be forever online. Always there, always present, never to forget. To never erase from our memories, that our gay status, even in the 21st century, is still something fragile, alterable, even in gay-friendly countries, like France for example.

A video that illustrates this point well is the one we shot shortly after the Orlando event, on June 12, 2016, by going to the beginning of July 2016, at the Paris Gay Pride which, in the French capital, is called the pride march!

A video still there, not to forget to inform future generations.
A very explicit way to reveal to them concretely, what we had to face, what fights, the gay community had to lead. And that even in 2016, still in the 21st century, we were still and always persecuted!

And this video is still online, it's here, to never forget!

Look at her !

Roselyne: the new revelation of HappyGayTV

It's a surprise, the Hot-Line of HappyGayTV is not called that by chance. Admittedly, this service was created to share, our pains, our joys, our difficulties, with the aim of helping us between gays, and who knows to also help us to carry out our projects!

But, when it came to giving a name to this tool, we then came up with a somewhat original idea!

We decided that not only should this service, the Hot-Line, intuitively indicate that it was a line of sharing and support for Gays, but also we wanted this one to be related with a character that you will be able to discover on the HappyGayTV Show.

Indeed, as you can understand, by watching the video above, the Hotline is also the service that Roseline is supposed to run!

He is a colorful character, who will respond to so-called messages that have arrived during the show.
The idea is to end this program on a happy note, even if sometimes we will talk about serious subjects.
And as soon as the first episode of the HappyGayTV Show is online, I invite you to watch it until the end, that is to say even after the credits!

And I'm going to tell you something again!
It could even be that one day, it will be Roselyne herself who will answer your question or your comment directly!

So leave us a message now on the Hot-line, it's here!


How to become a HappyGayTV "Ambassador"!

This is the last revelation of this video!
Yes, you will be able to become an "Ambassador" of HappyGayTV.
Indeed, if you frequent the gay community and want to give us a little help, this mission is made for you!

The idea is to make your favorite channel known to as many people as possible, by distributing our little card, with its QR Code, by highlighting it in gay places, which you are likely to frequent regularly. In France, overseas (Guadeloupe, Guyana, Martinique, Reunion)... Not to mention abroad, since HappyGayTV is also broadcast in English!

To reward you, we will send you a small surprise gift, by post!
If you are a fan of our channel, you will love it.

You are interested ?
Contact us now, by clicking on “Contact” at the bottom of the page or by clicking directly on this link.

Write your email, giving us all your contact details, and without forgetting to specify certain things, such as, for example, in which establishments you wish to highlight us and why. For example, because you know the head of the establishment well. Or, by what you think that the public of this one, is likely to be interested in the programs of HappyGayTV!

So contact us now the link is here.

And if you want to know the rest of the adventure of the "Ambassadors", don't miss any of our videos, and register now for the HappyGayTV Club, by clicking right away here!



Marco Drion.

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