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Just a question of love and dating sites

"Love, love, love", (L'amour, l'amour, l'amour) as Mouloudji sang, resonates in our hearts. For many, finding love is the ultimate secret to happiness, whether you're gay or straight. However, the search for love and the obstacles to finding our soul mate are often a reality shared by many people. LGBT individuals, on top of that, face additional challenges related to their sexual orientation or gender identity.




In this special edition of HappyGayTV & You (4), we will explore the theme of love from different angles, based on the many messages (audio or video) that followers have left on our Hot-Line, HappyGayTV's internal messaging system.

First of all, we will talk about a TV movie that made an impression when it was released in the early 2000s and which some still remember, more than 20 years later: "Just a question of love". Next, we'll discuss the implications of dating apps for our love life and how they can sometimes compromise our quest for true love. Another message we received on our servers will allow us to explore Richard Mèmeteau's book: "Sex Friends, how to miss your love life in the digital age".

Since we're talking about dating apps, let's get acquainted with the different "tribes" present in the gay community. Do you know the "Otters", the "Bears" or the "Minets", for example? But in the end, aren't all these criteria simply superfluous? Shouldn't we consider that true love transcends appearances?

Speaking of the "Bears", we also received a wonderful video from Jean-Jacques, owner of the gay guesthouse "La Patte d'Ours". To book, click here!




Just a Question of Love: The TV Movie

Broadcast in prime time on France 2, one of the main French public service channels, on January 26, 2000, the TV movie "Just a question of love" aroused great enthusiasm within the LGBT community.

It was one of the few, if not the first time, that such an openly discussed subject, with unequivocal scenes, was shown at prime time on a major French television channel.

More than 20 years after its broadcast, this TV movie remains etched in the memories of many gay people. A HappyGayTV follower also wanted to tell us about it using our Hot-Line, our internal messaging service, leaving a nice video.

Marco, could not remain indifferent to this message, because "Just a question of love" also played a decisive role in his life. As he explains in this video, if this TV movie had not existed, he does not know if he would have created and launched HappyGayTV.

This film came at just the right time for many people, partly explaining its success. Indeed, only two months earlier, on November 15, 1999, the PACS (civil pact of solidarity) had been promulgated, allowing gays to have their union officially recognized and to protect their rights.

After this event, a boost was needed to change mentalities in French society, especially after the heated debates in the National Assembly during the vote on the law!

What could be better than showing the whole population that the difference between a heterosexual couple and a homosexual couple is not that great? What if it only depended on love?

A TV movie was ideal to demonstrate this. "Just a question of love" has certainly changed certain mentalities, especially within families where religious values are strong. It not only addresses the love story between Laurent (Cyrille Thouvenin) and Cédric (Stéphane Guérin Tillié), but also the exclusion of gays from their own families and the persistent prejudices against the LGBT community.

Faced with this success, "Just a question of love" was released on DVD a few months later, with the subtitle: "Do we really love our children as much as we claim?". The DVD was similarly successful to its original release, prompting numerous book signings.

Marco remembers having attended one of them, at the gay bookstore "Les mots à la Bouche", located at the time in the heart of the Parisian Marais, at that time. That day, many people came to meet director Christian Faure, screenwriter Pierre Pauquet and actor Stephan Guérin Tillié. The DVDs then sold like hotcakes!

If you want to watch it, you can still find it on DVD, in a second-hand version, on the FNAC website or on Amazon, in different formats (English, zone 1 and 2; German, zone 2)

But, good news, even simpler, it is currently available for legal and free streaming by clicking on this link.

Watch it, it really is a must-see gay TV movie!


Great love and dating site: impossible mission?

According to Richard Mèmeteau, author of the book Sex friends, comment to miss his love life, in the digital age” published by “Zone” or “La Découverte”, (pocket format), dating applications, which were created in the purpose of promoting romantic encounters, would in fact be tools that would ultimately contribute to scuttle our love life.

Indeed, the abundant and permanent supply of potential partners, as well as the selection criteria so precise, to refine our search, would no longer allow us to find, in the digital age, true love. We would now have to resolve to consider that the exception in love would no longer be appropriate and that we would now all be doomed to meet multiple partners, certainly of quality, but without building a lasting life with one of them. .

Again, shouldn't we leave aside all these objective criteria, put our cerebral side on standby, and simply let our heart speak by going there by feeling?

Finally, wouldn't all this be just a question of love, far from our so-called objective criteria for selecting the ideal partner?


Loves, Bears and company!

Whether looking for true love or a one-night stand, are you familiar with the terms used by some on dating apps to select the physical criteria of the ideal partner?

For example, do you know the difference between "Otters", "Twinks", "Chubs", "Bears" and "Pups"?

And above all, do you ever use these selection criteria to refine your choice of the ideal partner on dating apps?

Watch this video until the end, we explain everything in pictures!


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